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    How to Choose Between Matte or Glossy Lipstick

    Posted by Ana Delgadillo on Mar 20, 2020

    How to choose between matte or glossy lips

    How to Choose Between Matte or Glossy Lipstick

    As if it wasn’t difficult enough to decide what color lippie to wear, we also have to know how to choose between matte or glossy lipstick finishes?! With so many options out there, it can be hard to decide what lippie and finish to go with. There are many differences between matte and glossy lipstick, but what finish is best for our Glammers’ busy and glamorous lives? Keep reading to see which one you should be swiping on that precious pout!

    Matte or Glossy Lipstick? Which One To Choose?

    There will be days where you will prefer a more long-wearing finish but there will also be days when you want something a little more care-free. So, is glossy or matte lipstick better? The answer totally depends on the occasion, sis! Hopefully, these next couple of tips can help you choose between matte and glossy lip color.

    When to Wear Glossy Lipstick

    Imagine lip gloss or glossy lipsticks as the unbothered but confident sister. You’ll look good without trying hard at all since she’s a very one-and-done type of gal and you won’t even need a mirror (#Goals).

    Consider wearing lip gloss instead of matte lipstick if you don’t have time to meticulously apply matte lipstick, you’re heading out to the beach with your friends, want the appearance of more plump lips, or you simply want something a little more natural! Make sure you take your gloss with you in case you need to touch up after eating or drinking.

    best liveglam lip gloss

    When to Wear Matte Lipstick

    Matte lipstick is the more disciplined and sophisticated sister. She requires more attention to detail but she never shies away from a good time! Consider wearing a matte lipstick instead of a glossy lipstick if you’re going out for dinner with bae, got a long workday with tons of meetings, want to wear a bright pop of color that won’t move around, or if you just want to make a power statement! Always make sure you’re applying your matte lippie correctly to avoid any dryness or flakes.

    Best matte lipstick

    We stan a good lustrous shine and stunning matte finish & we know how tough it can get when it comes to deciding when to wear matte or glossy lipstick so we hope this helps you out!

    Don’t have enough glosses or matte lippies to choose from in your collection? Sign up to our LiveGlam Lipstick Subscription Club, KissMe, where you’ll receive exclusive lip products (and tons of shades and formulas) delivered straight to your door for only $19.99 a month (and free shipping in the U.S.)!

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    Let us know down in the comments what your fave formula is!

    Stay Glam!

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    Ana Delgadillo

    Ana is a Los Angeles based beauty blogger and influencer with a passion for everything that makes you feel beautiful. When she's not creating new makeup looks or tips for her followers, she's most likely journaling or lifting some weights at the gym.

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