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How To Achieve Flawless Under Eye Makeup

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How To Achieve Flawless Under Eye Makeup

Posted by LiveGlam on May 09, 2019

How To Achieve Flawless Under Eye Makeup

Many of us suffer from dark circles so concealer is our bestie… until it starts settling into fine lines, creasing and looking like a dry desert lake bed! Keeping your under eyes looking flawless doesn’t have to be a battle, you just need these life-changing eye makeup tips in your beauty arsenal to maintain those under eyes looking like you had your full 8-hours of sleep (even if you’re working off a late-night Netflix sesh, it happens!).

Step 1: Hydrate

The number one reason we see creasing and fine lines are because we’re low on hydration! If you’re wondering how to apply under eye concealer without creasing, try using an eye cream in the am and pm and even before you apply your concealer will help plump those areas and minimize fine lines so your concealer will go on 1000x’s smoother! Opt for a light and fast absorbing eye cream for the mornings and the summer, use a heftier eye cream at night and for those dry winter months when your skin really craves that moisture.

Best Under Eye Creams

Step 2: Concealer

After the eye cream has been fully absorbed into your skin, you’re ready to start applying your concealer! Skip the thick and heavy concealers as they will most definitely cause creasing, instead go with a flexible and light hydrating formula! When applying your concealer, apply minimal amounts at a time, applying less product will help prevent your undereye from creasing. Layering is key here! A great tip when applying your concealer is to blend it out with your ring finger, this will help warm up the concealer and ensure it melts into your skin flawlessly all without tugging at your delicate skin. If you’re not a fan of blending with your finger, use a trusty beauty blender to smooth everything out.

Best Under Eye Concealers

Step 3: Powder

Now it’s time to seal your cake-free, crease-free under eye! Remember that less is more when it comes to the under eyes so resist from applying too much powder. Use a lightweight powder and press the powder into your concealer instead of swiping so there are no streaks (make sure your concealer is smooth AF before applying the powder so you don’t set creases!). You can use a brush or beauty sponge to press the powder into your concealer, I prefer a beauty blender because I can really press it in and the finish is a tad bit smoother. Set your makeup with your fave setting spray (mine is Cover Fx Dewy Setting Spray) and now you’re ready to go slay the day with your crease-free self!

Best Under Eye Powders

We hope these tips for setting under eye makeup helped you stay crease free, smooth and extra poppin’ all day long!

What are your fave tips for keeping your under eyes flawless throughout the day? Let us know in the comments!




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