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How the LiveGlam Waitlist Works

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How the LiveGlam Waitlist Works

Posted by LiveGlam on May 08, 2018

How the LiveGlam Waitlist Works

We know, you’re ready to receive your monthly dose of glam… just to get put on a brushin’ waiting list! We know that is NOT fun and never want to waitlist anyone. But, sometimes we have to put our future #LiveGlamFam on a waitlist for our LiveGlam Club due to high demand! Keep reading to find out how the process works and when you can expect to get back to the glam. 

You want your goodies and we want you to have them, but we have to make sure we have enough for everyone! As soon as we get more products, you will be off of the waitlist on a first-come, first-serve basis.

How do I check my waitlist status?

When you find yourself landing on the waitlist, you can check your position on the Dashboard of your LiveGlam account!

We activate large groups of users sporadically throughout the month, so you’ll likely see some big jumps in your position each month you remain waitlisted. We always aim to get everyone off the waitlist within 1-2 collections, but we can’t make any promises!

Can you skip the waitlist?

If you just cannot wait to get your hands on our upcoming collection, there is a way to cut the line without a million dirty stares! You can Trade the sold out collection for a different option instead and get your products right away. To do this, just select an alternative collection at checkout!

Depending on the circumstances, we may also offer the option to skip the waitlist if you select a 6-month or annual membership for our club. We will let you know if this option is available!

When will I get off the LiveGlam waitlist?

While your account is still in the waitlist, it will remain “Inactive”- meaning that you will not receive any credit card charges for your membership until you are off the waitlist. If you do see a charge, don’t panic, it’s only an authorization and will fall off.

As soon as a spot opens up, your payment will process right away and your membership becomes active (yay!). You’ll then get an email with which month you received! We’ll also include your next billing date (which you can always change on your subscriptions tab in the Dashboard after you get activated).

When will my free product ship?

If you used a referral code to get a free lippie or brush with your first collection, that product will ship with your package once you’re off of the waitlist!

While you’re waiting for a spot, you can still refer friends, buy points, redeem Rewards, or head on over to our Shop page to grab some LiveGlam products! The fun (and glam) doesn’t have to stop!

If you have any questions about your account status, one of our amazing Customer Happiness members is ready to help!

Stay glam! xoxo




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  • Gracias por la oportunidad

  • Love the way you inform us about the waiting list in an interactive one. Yeah, I’m waiting too 😜

  • Thank you for explaining the waitlist! I was very skeptical about this website but you guys informing everything makes me feel secure I can’t wait to be off the waitlist to receive my beautiful brushes!

  • Hopefully it will not be so long the wait😮😮😮

  • Espero que me lleguen pronto las brochas de noviembre 2017

  • espero me lleguen yaa!!!!!


  • I️ can’t wait for my brushes to arrive 😍😍

  • Paitently (not really) waiting. Hopefully by the middle of the month we will be active.

  • I have been on the waiting list almost a month pls hurry I. Want my brushes lol

  • I WANT THE DECEMBER BRUSHES. i am so upset lol.🤧

  • 😔😔😔 How long !

  • I really want the December brushes and more so because they are my favorite color (red). 😔😕😫

  • I signed up for this because I really wanted the red December brushes!😔 I've been debating signing up for about a month and now I'm on a waitlist. This kind of makes me uneasy but hopefully I will be off this waitlist soon, I'm not sure how patient I can be as I'm not a very patient person...🙈🙉🙊😂

    • Me too i wanted the same brushes i just sign up for the email notification just to see the spoiler & once I saw the Red brushes I wanted them & I'm on the waiting list & I get impatiently quick.

  • This is not good! Santa is coming into town and I'm poutin!! Lol

  • I want lippies of dicember🙌🏼

  • OMG!! How long will it be!?!?😫

  • I be waiting my lipstick so impatient I love the colors

  • Looking forward to be out of the waiting list!!! Please hurry!!!🤣

  • Wishing my friends luck on getting off the waitlist and getting me on the leaderboards cheer to us and Buenas suerte a todas

  • Thanks !!

  • So excited, even if on the "waiting" list! patiently "waiting" to be morphed!!

  • Can’t wait to get off the waitlist !!!

  • Can’t wait to get off the waitlist hope it’s not a long wait.

  • Gracias

  • So is this wait list for every month? Or just when you initially sign up?

    • Just when you initially sign up! Once you're on the list, you'll no longer be on the waitlist and will get your brushes every month :)

  • Can’t wait to get off the wait list!!!

  • Been 211 on wait list for a week now and not moved up 1 spot ????

  • Thank you for actually notifying us where we are in line - I've been around the block with subscriptions and you guys have truly figured it out! It really helps so that we can ensure we have the funds in the proper account because I pretty much keep all my money in savings and move over to avoid me buying 184892 more subscriptions;) Thanks for having common sense!

  • I wanted that highlight brush 😩😭

  • how long did some of you girls waited to get your brushes?

  • cuánto tiempo tego que espera para que me envien la brocha

  • Can’t wait to get off the waitlist

  • 😩

  • Can't wait to get the brushes 😍😍😍😍

  • in wait list like March 24 and I’m in wait. Plis don’t be disappointed 😒

  • I really wanted April’s brushes 😭

  • I’ve been on the waitlist for almost 2 months now. Kinda disappointed

  • Fyi I was on the brush waitlist for 2-3 weeks and I just got my email saying that I was off and about 2 days later got my email saying that they were shipped.

  • So im on the wait list at #97 does anyone know how lomg ill be on it i chatted with glam support and they said if indidnt get this months box id for sure fet august but i want to hear from actual people who have gone through this xoxox thanks in advance

  • And the waiting begins! 🙄😬

  • Thank you those are beautiful