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How our LiveGlam Waiting Room Works

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How our LiveGlam Waiting Room Works

Posted by LiveGlam on Aug 13, 2019

How our LiveGlam Waiting Room Works 

For some of our big launches, you might experience our LiveGlam Online Waiting Room. In short, this allows us to ensure that everyone gets a fair chance at grabbing our products. Keep reading to learn what to expect from our queue on the big day! 

On the morning of any of our big launches, expect to sit tight in our LiveGlam Waiting Room. Here’s how it works:

1. Before the official launch time of the sale, no one will be able to enter our site. A screen will appear with a message letting you know that the sale is not live yet and to come back at the launch time to ensure a smooth checkout process.

2. Once it’s launch time, the line will begin to queue on a first-come, first-serve basis. It does not matter if you were waiting at 5 am or one minute before the sale, the line starts as soon as the products launch, and everyone will be shuffled into that line. Anyone who comes after the line has started goes to the back, per usual. 

3. Please note that we let people in as fast as we can, which means you’ll see your wait time fluctuate here and there so don’t be alarmed! Trust us, you won’t be waiting as long as you think! 

4. When it is your turn to enter our site, you’ll be automatically redirected and will have 10 minutes to complete checkout and grab your glam goodies! 

We know how exciting (and nerve-wracking) product launches can be, remember – we’re Glammers ourselves! Just remember to follow all of the steps above, remain calm, and you’ll be glamming before you know it! 

If you have further questions about our LiveGlam Waiting Room, let us know down below. See you at our next launch! 

xoxo, LiveGlam 




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