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Professional Makeup Brushes – How Much Do They Cost?

Posted by Preeti Sareen on Oct 13, 2016

So you want to be a professional makeup artist. Or, you want to have all of the tools to make you look like one. Whatever the case, we know the struggle many people face when shopping for the perfect professional makeup brushes. The right makeup brushes can help you go from drab to gorgeous while the wrong ones will do nothing but leave streaks and shed bristles all over your pretty face. Well, as always, we’ve got you covered! Below, we’ve listed four of the most popular and most recommended professional makeup brush collections so you’ll have a better idea of what to look for in terms of quality and price range the next time you venture out to buy new brushes!



  1. Sephora Collection: Tools Of The Trade Brush Set – $62

If you are a beginner looking to break into the world of the pro makeup artist, Sephora is a great place to start building your arsenal of professional makeup brushes. This “Tools of The Trade” brush set features a powder brush, small contour brush, fan brush, blending shadow brush, precision shadow brush, smudge brush, angled liner brush, brow comb/brush, and a travel roll for those on the go moments. The bristles of each brush are soft and are designed to handle hundreds of makeup applications. The brushes don’t streak and hardly have any shedding, which makes them perfect for the clean-conscious pro – regular washing won’t wear them down! At a price point of $62, this collection definitely gives value for its dollar and is perfect if you are looking to save on makeup brushes that deliver amazing results.



  1. Kevyn Aucoin: The Essential Brush Collection – $650

For a makeup artist that wants truly quality brushes, The Essential Brush Collection by Kevyn Aucoin will be the perfect professional companion. More often than not, professional makeup brushes are designed for the once in a blue moon artist and are too similar to the latest fashion hand bag – incredibly expensive, but not actually practical. Kevyn Aucoin, makeup artist to glamorous stars such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Lisa Marie Presley, valued high class tools for a high class makeup look. The Kevyn Aucoin brand continues his legacy of excellence with these brushes. While they are definitely on the pricier side of this list, they are worth every penny!



  1. Bobbi Brown: The Basic Brush Collection – $200

When you think of professional makeup artists that have changed the makeup game forever, Bobbi Brown tops the list. Her eloquent takes on everyday beauty (ranging from dainty and pretty to strong and powerful) empower women everywhere to be confident and radiant. Her brushes are an extension of this feeling. On the surface, the brushes seem simple and standard: wood base with fine hairs and a variety of shapes and sizes. The Basic Brush Collection is just that – basic and minimalist. It includes an eyebrow brush, foundation brush, face blender brush, concealer brush, eye-shadow brush, and eyeliner brush. It was designed with the pro makeup artist in mind – easy to use, perfectly chiseled brushes for exceptional looks. While a $200 price point is high, the brand itself makes sure that you get what you pay for with these incredible tools.



  1. Tarte: Tarteist Toolbox Brush Set – $44

This brush collection is where professional makeup brushes meet new makeup artist budget. The collection features all the basics – eye, face and touch up brushes – and is formulated without any parabens, and is vegan friendly and cruelty free. There are 5 main brushes in the kit, but 4 of them are double ended making it easy to apply a client’s makeup in just a few quick swipes. The brushes are touted as having amazing pickup qualities on makeup ranging from drugstore to high-end brands. They are meant for the makeup artist looking for ways to save on makeup without having to shell out the big bucks for the most expensive makeup brands. For a beginner pro artist or a seasoned makeup guru, these brushes are perfect!



  1. Morphe Brushes – $19.99

If buying your own brush kits is too daunting a task for you to undertake, the #MorpheMe monthly brush subscription may be just what you need. Each month, you’ll receive anywhere from 3-7 Morphe brushes (always a $30 value) for the subscription price of just $19.99. No brush is ever the same, and if you are a newbie to makeup this can be a great way to build up a solid brush collection without having to hand pick the brushes yourself. The bristles are natural and synthetic, which means longer lasting, better quality brushes that are easy to maintain.

So, Which Professional Makeup Brushes Are Right For You?

As you can see, professional makeup brushes come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and prices. If you are budget conscious and want brushes that will give you and your clients quality and extravagance without carrying a heft price tag, you definitely have options available to you. If you’ve experimented with the cheaper brushes and are looking for more durable brands to last you through your next month-long gig on a movie set, you’ll be glad to hear that there are plenty of options for you as well! At the end of the day, as a professional makeup artist you should focus on what you want to achieve with your brushes – whether quick applications or lengthy client sessions, using expensive makeup or the sometimes better drugstore brands, what will you be using your tools for the most? While the price range of these brushes is vast, the work your brushes will allow you to do is the most invaluable tool.


Do you have any makeup brushes that you love the most? How about ways to save on the actual makeup for the brushes? Let us know in the comments below!


Preeti Sareen

Preeti Sareen

Preeti Sareen is a freelance writer and blogger who identifies as a twenty-something girl trying to find herself one piece at a time. She is a lover of beauty, wellness, and all things fitness and loves sharing those passions in her articles on LiveGlam.

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