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How Much Makeup Artists Make – Here’s What You’d Want To Know


How Much Makeup Artists Make – Here’s What You’d Want To Know

Posted by LiveGlam on Dec 15, 2016

Becoming a makeup artist is hard work. It’s a big commitment, but it could lead to a very satisfying career and a lucrative salary. So let’s get to it! Do you wanna know how much Makeup artists make? Keep reading!



The Rundown!

Makeup artists work in many different environments– theatre, film, TV production and video, which are the most common type of jobs. Makeup artists can also work in salons, spas or department stores. A lot of artists choose just to freelance and market themselves as specialists in weddings, specials events, photoshoots, fashion shows etc. Your salary will depend on which industry you decide to work in.



Show Me the Money, Hunni!

Makeup artists have potential to make a lot of MULA! According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics a makeup artist can make from $18,780 to $115,030. Not too shabby, huh? This is based off the location, level of experience and how solid your portfolio is. There is a huge gap in pay, because some artists work part-time or work in retail or a salon. On the other hand some professional make artists do makeup for celebrities, film or TV, which provide higher salaries. By the way, this doesn’t include tip, so there is even more room for you to make more cash! The median salary for makeup artist before tip is $60,830. The rest is all on you!



How Much Makeup Artists Make – So, Where’s the Dough?

How much makeup artists make also depends on the location. The top states with the highest employment for professional makeup artists and beauty businesses are New York, California, Florida, Texas, and Georgia. The top three metro areas are Los Angeles, New York City and Las Vegas. This is something to keep in mind, because if you really want to become successful, you might have to consider relocating at one point.



Making it Happen!

So what do you think? Is this a career you see yourself doing? We know we said it’s not easy, and it’s not, but if you’re passionate you can make it happen! Now, what’s next? Start doing your homework. Look up makeup artistry schools near you and then take it from there. In the meantime have fun with it! Start practicing on your friends and family now and watch tutorials too! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to get the latest tips from our top Influencers!




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