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    Beauty Hacks

    How to Survive Your Hangover: Beauty Tips and Remedies  

    Posted by Lanie Edwards on Feb 28, 2018

    How to Survive Your Hangover: Beauty Tips and Remedies  

    So you went out with the girls for a much-needed night out and may have had one too many… and now you’re waking up feeling awful. If you’ve ever been hungover, you already know how it can make you feel like you never wanna drink again, let alone face the long day ahead of you. Luckily, we have some beauty tips and remedies that can be a lifesaver for dreadful situations like this!

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    1. Water, water, and more water. 

    Technically, you should be drinking water in between drinks to prevent a hangover from occurring in the first place. But, since most tend to just drink and hope for the best (guilty), the first thing you should do before bed and when you wake up in the morning is drink water. I’m talking bottles on bottles.

    Now, don’t chug it all at once. That can make you feel sick. Instead, steadily drink lots of water throughout the day. Your body is dehydrated AF and the only thing that can really cure it is hydration. You can also drink coconut water and get some electrolytes with gatorade if you want to switch it up!

    2) Morning Shower

    Taking a shower after a night out is likely already a necessity for you, but taking one in the morning can also make you feel a lot better and get your day started off right. Try using a minty body wash to wake your body up and make your brain more alert!

    3) Moisturize 

    Not only is your body dehydrated, but your skin is too. Make sure to take some extra time to moisturize your body and skin with a hydrating moisturizer! Your skin is super thirsty and will thank you.

    4) Cold spoon or eye patches 

    If it isn’t the weekend, you likely don’t have time to whip up a bunch of hangover remedies in the morning to get you looking decent for work. The quickest and easiest way to help de-puff your undereyes and have you feeling more awake is to use cold spoons. Just take 2 spoons, pop them in the freezer for 15 minutes, and apply them under your eyes until they get warm again.

    Or, if you’re fancy and already have undereye patches on deck, those will work too!

    5) Aspirin 

    This might be a given, but Aspirin is not only good for your pounding headache, but it also helps to reduce the inflammation of your skin! Be sure to take it after you eat a hearty breakfast.

    6) Add some color back into your face  

    Your face likely looks dull and tired after a night out (don’t mean to roast you but it’s facts). To make you look rejuvenated, add some color back into your face by putting on some blush and a bright lipstick. You can do both of these steps with 1 product using our KissMe liquid lippies from our LiveGlam Lippie Club!

    Take a few dabs of your favorite pink or coral KissMe lippie and tap it on your cheeks to use as a cream blush, and apply that same shade to your lips. Not only will this last the entire day with our long-lasting, flexible formula, but it’ll make you look like you got a full 8 hours of sleep instead of taking an excessive amount of shots and eating 4 slices of pizza the night before.

    Make sure to join our LiveGlam Lippie Club, KissMe, to get 3 new gorgeous shades delivered straight to your door every month for just $19.99!

    What are some of your hangover beauty tips? Let us know how you’re feeling after all of these steps!

    Stay glam (and hydrated)!


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    Lanie Edwards

    Lanie Edwards is a content creator, makeup fanatic, and food lover. She lives in Adobe Photoshop and Final Cut Pro, constantly editing or coming up with fresh ideas for LiveGlam content. During her free time, you can catch her being a freelance MUA, vlogging on YouTube, or eating anything that smells good.

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