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    LiveGlam Stands in Solidarity #BlackLivesMatter

    Posted by LiveGlam Updates on Jun 01, 2020

    LiveGlam gives back to black lives matter

    Update (6/25): Our second donation to Campaign Zero has been made! This is one small step towards a brighter future for all. We will continue to listen to our community, educate ourselves, and take actionable steps to promote equality and justice. We thank you for your support in this journey!

    On May 25th, Minneapolis resident George Floyd was killed by a police officer and it was captured on tape, sparking outrage all over the world. His name lives on with more than 1,000 individuals who are killed by the police every single year. For generations, people of color experience trauma, unequal justice and systemic oppression in both public and private forums. This is not a new epidemic. Historically black Americans are killed by law enforcement more than twice the rate of their white counterparts. 

    campaign zero infographic

    At LiveGlam, we believe now is not a time to be silent. That’s why we’re pledging our time, money and voice to the #BlackLivesMatter movement. We have chosen to work with Campaign Zero in their efforts to promote the systemic change our country needs. Our founders, Dhar and Laura, have already made a personal donation to the cause. Additionally, from June 1st – 15th, LiveGlam will be donating 100% of our Shop profits to Campaign Zero.  This will help to call on local, state and federal lawmakers to take immediate action. 

    Campaign Zero utilizes data-driven policy for long term solutions in ending violence and holding police accountable. To learn more about how Campaign Zero is advocating for change, visit them here

    This is the time to take a stand. Together, we can channel our outrage and energy into effective action for equality. 

    Shop For Change


    Other Ways You Can Make A Difference

    Sign For Change:

    Text For Change:

    FLOYD to 55156
    JUSTICE to 668366

    Call For Change:

    County Attorney Mike Freeman

    Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison

    Governor Walz

    *Profits from our Pride Collection will not be included, as they will be donated to the Trevor Project at the end of the month. All collaborations are excluded. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions as needed.

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    • I am amazed by this I’m happy do shop knowing I’m happy my money will be going some where amazing I don’t have a lot but I love it keep up this amazing work it’s company’s like you that show us your not about money that you are about your people I applaud you guys and all that you are doing for #blacklivesmatter

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