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How To Get A Better Night’s Sleep


How To Get A Better Night’s Sleep

Posted by Jess Hall on Feb 08, 2018

With the everyday stresses of life (and staying up watching our latest Netflix series discovery until 1am) sometimes taking their toll on us, and subsequently having serious repercussions on our health, going to sleep isn’t the easiest of tasks, so here are some small beauty and self-care things you can do to try and make drifting off a little easier.

Facial massages

Aside from being great for relieving tension around the temples and jawline that can be formed through stress, facial massages really do offer a multitude of other benefits; some of which include promoting the production of collagen, lessening puffiness around the eyes, and releasing toxins through the drainage of the lymphatic system that occurs through massaging the face. Anti-aging and destressing, all at the same time? Sign. Us. Up.

Reed diffusers

Although undoubtedly very relaxing and perfect for creating that ‘zen’ atmosphere, candles aren’t ideal for burning whilst trying to sleep as an open flame can cause a multitude of disasters if left to burn all night long. Reed diffusers, however, can be left to fill your bedroom with scent without any supervision, so you can still get the relaxing benefits without the stress of worrying about open flames.

Jot down your thoughts in a journal

This is like the grown up’s version of the ‘dear diary’ days. Revisiting anxieties and the stresses of the day can often be the cause of a poor night’s sleep, and so writing down your thoughts and feelings in a journal can be a great way of releasing tension, anxious feelings, and allowing yourself to unwind before bed.

Facial oils

The hydration benefits are obvious, but the essential oils that facial oils are often enriched with help to calm and relax the mind, too.


Meditation can be quite daunting for those of us who aren’t accustomed to practising it, but it’s such a fantastic way of regulating your emotions and unwinding at the end of a hectic day. Abdominal breathing and focusing on those breaths whilst placing your hands on your stomach is a great technique for relaxing the mind.

Herbal teas

To outsmart insomnia from the inside, try drinking a mug of herbal tea around half an hour before you plan on going to sleep. Aside from being warming and comforting, herbal tea can wash away anxious thoughts and soothe the mind.

What are your favorite ways of making sure you get a better night’s sleep? Let us know!


Jess Hall

Jess Hall

Jess Hall is a British beauty lover, who can often be found perusing makeup aisles in the search for the perfect peachy pink hues, or perfecting her latest makeup flat lay. When she’s not trialling the latest skincare releases, she enjoys sharing her latest findings, the newest beauty trends and knowledge with you!

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