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Festival Beauty Hacks to Look Fab

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Festival Beauty Hacks to Look Fab

Posted by LiveGlam on Mar 17, 2018

Spring is in the air and festival season is here! Get in tune with your laid back, no-fuss, fun-lovin’, hippie mama vibes and slay this festie season. With our festival beauty hacks, you can look fab, feel fresh (ish), and focus on the fun! Skip the contour, show a lil’ spf-covered skin, and go bright with some bold accents! Festival fashion put the FUN in functionality and inspires us all to give less of a fleek what anyone thinks- so make a bold choice you won’t regret.

3-Day Hair Hack

Having stylish hair that isn’t a mess when you’re at a multi-day festival is one of the biggest battles! Planning and preparing beforehand can save you a major headache. This little festival beauty hack will get you 3 solid days of good hair! Start by washing your hair the day you leave and putting it in a braid when it’s just barely barely damp. You can even add a minimal amount of styling product before you braid- like a soft mousse or dry shampoo spray in your roots. This is your Day 1 hair! For Day 2- drop the braid and rock the waves! Be sure to keep a hair tie on your wrist in case you need a break. Day 3- you can refresh your roots with some dry shampoo (or not, live your life) and go for a messy top bun! Day 4… well… you just need a hacksaw, grease, and a pressure washer. Kidding- but if you have any trouble brushing out your festie-mane, then try lubing up with some conditioner and grabbing a wide-toothed comb!

Skip the Contour, Soak in SPF

Festie-face is all about freckles, and, well, skin! Skip the heavy contour and full-coverage foundations. This is just gonna be a greasy mess after hours in the sun and dancing all night. Instead, embrace your face! Protect your skin with an SPF, or grab a tinted moisturizer for just enough coverage. If you’re worried about shining brighter than the stage lights, then keep some blotting papers on you! You can set your face with a bit of powder and a mattifying spray before you start your day, too.

Bright, Bold, and Sparkly

Fresh-faced, yes, but bold eyes are also a must! Don’t shy away from anything bright or sparkly. Festival fashion is all about fun! Make sure you pack a bright eyeshadow palette to keep some color on those lids! You can turn the pigments into a bit of a face paint using a mixing medium if you’re looking to express your artsy side. Bring some glitters that won’t go anywhere, too! You need a gel-based type glitter or a glitter eyeliner. You can use these for a bit of body sparkly, to amp up your highlight, glow out your lids, glitter your hair…. You get the picture. And don’t forget to pack some lippies and some ultra-moisturizing balm! Be sure to bring a deep sexy color and something fun and bright.

Hydrate You Body, Face & Soul

Don’t forget to pack some hydration for your body and your skin! You should be drinking like a camel anytime you’re out in the sun for extended time periods. Losing hydration will take a big toll on your fun, your energy, and your beauty so don’t forget the H2O! And be sure to bring a little TLC for your face, too. A daily skin protectant before you take on the elements, as well as a cleanser and a toner before you pass out anywhere! Bring a water-free face cleanser to save yourself a headache, and definitely pack about 1 million wipes.

Enjoy your fun in the sun and stay sexy with our festival beauty hacks! Trust me, if I can survive 4 days of Bonnaroo, you can do it too. Tell me some of your favorite beauty tricks for festie season in the comments!

Stay Glam!





Jessica Seifert is a makeup enthusiast with winged liner sharp enough to slay her enemies. She spends her free time turning people into beautiful monsters & zombies. Learning about new makeup techniques and skincare is her passion!

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