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    LiveGlam Rewards Program

    Posted by LiveGlam on Oct 14, 2017

    LiveGlam Rewards

    LiveGlam Rewards Program

    As a member of our #LiveGlamFam, not only do you get the most fabulous products every month, but you can also earn reward points to get even more beauty goodies! Earning points is super easy… just keep reading to find out how!

    How to Earn LiveGlam Rewards

    There are currently 3 main ways to earn LiveGlam reward points, and the best part is none of them require you to leave your couch!

    1) Maintain Your Membership

    For every monthly LiveGlam package you get from all clubs you’re subscribed to, you automatically earn 100 reward points. This means if you don’t skip a collection or cancel your membership, you’re rackin’ up those points, Glammer!

    LiveGlam Points

    2) Rate Your Products

    We wanna know how you really feel about our products! To earn points, all you have to do is rate each collection you get from any of the clubs you’re subscribed to. Not only does this help us improve our product selection every month, but you also get 25 points for every collection you rate! Please note you will not be able to rate a collection if you traded that month.

    How to Rate LiveGlam Products

    You can also rate any previous collection you’ve received to stack up some more points! Learn how to rate your LiveGlam products here:

    How to Rate LiveGlam Products

    3) Share the Love!

    Did you know you have your own special referral link? To find it, just hit “Rewards” on your Dashboard and you’ll see your link under “Free Goodies & Points”. All you have to do is share that link with your friends, and not only will they get a free lippie or brush when they sign up for any of our LiveGlam clubs, but you’ll also score 200 points per every referral!

    To learn more about our LiveGlam Referral Program and how you can start earning cash for being a member, head here:

    LiveGlam Referral Program

    Earn LiveGlam Points

    What can I do with my LiveGlam Reward Points?

    Ready for a shopping spree? You’ve done all of the hard work, so now it’s time to treat yourself! Just head to our Rewards page and check out all of the beauty goodies available to redeem. If you refer at least 3 friends a month, you’ll become a Gold member and be able to cash out via PayPal (that’s right, real money)! We usually add new reward items weekly, so make sure to keep checking back!

    View Rewards

    Let us know what product you want to see in your reward options!

    Stay glam!

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    • I love watchen you.i wish I could get some free stuff... I love makeup .I just started waring ... I love it .......I'm 48 years old

    • I love watchen you.i wish you on YouTube all the time . could get some free stuff... I love makeup .I just started waring ... I love it .......I'm 48 years old I don't have a lot of money I WATCH my grandbaby .....for my daughter....

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