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    The Definitive List of Makeup Brushes and What They’re For

    Posted by LiveGlam on Jan 12, 2017

    The Definitive List of Makeup Brushes and What They’re For

    If you want a flawless makeup application every time, it’s all about the brushes. There are a lot of brushes now and it can get a little confusing trying to figure out which one does what exactly. We’ve created a list of makeup brushes to make thing a little easier for you.



    1. The Fan Brush

    You’ve probably seen this funky brush somewhere and wondered what the heck it does, right? Well, this makeup brush has a lot of different purposes. It’s best used to apply a highlighter on your cheekbones and it can also be used to apply on blush. The fan brush also helps blend your makeup and clean off any excess powder.



    2. Stippling Brush

    This brush is a little under-rated, but the pros love it and you will too. A lot of high-end makeup brands offer a stippling brush. It’s a light and feathery foundation brush that achieves a smooth, airbrushed finish.



    3. Angled Face Brush

    The bristles are usually soft and dense to provide high definition to your face. The angled brush is great for putting on blush or applying bronzer in the hollows of your cheeks. In other words, you can use it for contouring.



    4. Smudge Brush

    Our list of makeup brushes would not be complete without the smudge brush. This makeup brush is ideal for a good smokey eye. The bristles are made to pick-up a lot of pigment. We also love this one for smudging your eyeliner to soften it up a bit.



    5. Angled Eye Brush

    Eyeliner will always make your eyes pop no matter what. The angled eye brush creates a perfect and clean line whether you use a gel liner or powder. It’s also the best brush to use to create a winged liner.


    6. Kabuki Brush

    Yup! It’s that big, fat, fluffy brush we all just love just because! Kabuki brushes can be used for powder foundation (especially loose) and bronzers. The brush has a tendency to grab a lot of product, so make sure to use it light-handed and tap off excess.



    7. Eye Blending Brush

    Well, it’s pretty clear what this brush does and it’s a must-have! The brush blends the eyeshadow color on your lids into your crease perfectly. The brush is also amazing for settling your under eye concealer with a sheer powder. It just gets right in there!



    8. Brow Brush and Comb

    Next on our makeup brush list is our brow and brush comb. The multipurpose tool is used for grooming your brows and lashes. If you’re mascara ever gets clumpy, use the comb side to brush the clumps out.



    9. Sculpting Brush

    A sculpting brush sounds so serious and it kinda is! If you like to contour or want to learn how, you need the right brush to define and sculpt your face; one that is dense and flat. You can use this brush with powdered products, but liquid/cream are preferred.



    10. Round Crease Brush

    The makeup brush has a bullet tip that helps your crease color go on a lot stronger. You can even use the brush to smudge your eyeliner for a sexy, sultry look.




    Definitive List of Makeup Brushes

    Yes, these are a lot of brushes, but we hope we helped you get a good understanding of each and every tool. Be sure to checkout our brush club! It’s the best way to get all of the trending brushes the pros are using these days. Click here to know the deets! Also, tell us which brushes are your fav! Write to us below or tag us on Instagram!

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