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High-End Makeup Brands vs. Cheap Alternatives: 5 Things To Consider

Posted by Preeti Sareen on Oct 26, 2016

If you’ve been considering splurging on some high-end makeup brands and expensive makeup products but just aren’t sure if they are worth it, we know the feeling. With dupes galore on the beauty market today, it’s hard not to wonder if you are wasting your money on top makeup brands when you could be buying cheap makeup (that is just as effective) at the drugstore instead. Some girls are die-hard brand loyalists, and others prefer to stick with their beloved drugstore dupes. If you’ve been wondering which one you’ll be, here are a few things to consider before reaching a conclusion.


cheap vs high end makeup brands-5 things to consider

1. Price

Quite obviously, the biggest factor when considering cheap vs. high-end makeup brands is price. The drugstore products will make your budget happy, and you can often find super reliable, go-to products for under $10. On the other hand, certain high-end makeup brands give you your money’s worth by creating truly amazing, incomparable products that just can’t be found at your local Walgreens. If price is a major factor for you, sticking with cheap makeup will be best. But, if you aren’t too concerned with price, perhaps other factors are worth considering.


cheap vs high end makeup brands-5 things to consider

2. Occasion

When thinking about splurging on the latest high-end makeup brand, ask yourself – why do I wear makeup? It seems like a silly question, but figuring out why you wear makeup in the first place will help you figure out which makeup brands you should add to your collection. If you are a casual, occasional makeup wearer, perhaps cheap makeup from the drugstore will serve your purpose. If you are a budding professional makeup artist and have clients to impress or photo shoots to take care of, finding high-end makeup brands with products that will perform in professional situations (for example, Make Up Forever’s Ultra HD Foundation) should be top priority.


cheap vs high end makeup brands-5 things to consider

3. Skin Type

If you have a specific skin type, the decision between cheap and high-end makeup brands might be easier than you think. Most women with sensitive, acne-prone skin types say that cheap makeup from the drugstore aggravates their skin and can cause redness, blotchiness, or even increased acne. The reality is that while cheap makeup can be a great alternative to high-end makeup brands, the ingredients and quality of the product is, well, cheap. If you have oily or dry skin, or really any kind of specific skin type, you might want to steer clear of cheap makeup brands that will irritate your face.


cheap vs high end makeup brands-5 things to consider

4. Ingredients

Similar to being conscious of your natural skin type and how it’s affected by makeup, if ingredients in your beauty products are something you care about then high-end makeup brands might be a better option. Whether for skin types or for a specific cause (if you prefer cruelty free, animal friendly makeup, or environmentally friendly products), some cheap makeup brands might not accommodate all of your needs. This isn’t always the case, however, and some of our favorite drugstore brands are geared towards people more focused on a natural, eco-friendly way to indulge in beauty. At the end of the day, knowing which ingredients matter most to you will help simplify your makeup brand decision.


cheap vs high end makeup brands-5 things to consider

5. Brushes

Oh, makeup brushes, how we love you! We’ve already talked about what to consider when looking into professional makeup brushes, but what if you are just an everyday makeup lover, like a lot of us are? If you need professional level brushes for clients/events, you might want to consider high-end makeup brands to match. But, if you made the switch from overpriced makeup brushes to the #MorpheMe monthly makeup brush subscription, you know that you can get the same quality for half the price when you pair your Morphe brushes with drugstore makeup. It’s also worth taking into account what your brushes are made of – if you have synthetic bristles or animal hair bristles, your brushes might give you a better look when used with certain types of makeup.


cheap vs high end makeup brands-5 things to consider

Are High-End Makeup Brands Worth It?

We’ll admit that a few high-end makeup brands (especially Nars and Bobbi Brown!) are home to some of our absolute favorite makeup products of all time. We totally understand why high-end makeup brands are popular – many of them actually do have better quality ingredients that yield better makeup application. But, that is definitely not true in every situation. Sometimes, the cheap makeup you find at common drugstores is a perfectly acceptable (and occasionally better) alternative when compared to a similar high-brow product. In the case of cheap vs. high-end makeup brands, we think it’s worth considering all the major points above before making a decision on any specific product. What do you think? Do you have any favorite high-end makeup brands, or any cheap makeup loves you’ve stumbled upon recently? Comment down below to let us know!


Preeti Sareen

Preeti Sareen

Preeti Sareen is a freelance writer and blogger who identifies as a twenty-something girl trying to find herself one piece at a time. She is a lover of beauty, wellness, and all things fitness and loves sharing those passions in her articles on LiveGlam.

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