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    Best Monthly Beauty Box Options Online – LiveGlam Review

    Posted by LiveGlam on Feb 28, 2017

    monthly beauty box LiveGlam

    If you wanna try some new beauty products without breaking the bank, then subscribing to a monthly beauty box, is the best way to go. From body products to makeup, these boxes are always filled with beauty-full surprises. Here are some best and legitimate services.


    monthly beauty box julep

    Julep, $24.99/month

    Every month you’ll get full-sized products which are tailored to your profile. The monthly beauty box features anything from skincare goodies to trending makeup items. The value of the box is about $84, but when you join it’s only $24.99! What a steal! Almost sounds too good to be true, but no makeup scam here.


    monthly beauty box birchbox

    Birchbox, $10/month

    We’re sure you’ve heard about this monthly beauty box. It’s super affordable and totally worth it. Birchbox offers five beauty samples that matches your profile. You can also earn points when you review a product which you’ll be able to redeem for full-size products. This is one beauty subscription you should try! Checkout the testimonials from their fans yourself.

    monthly beauty box glossybox

    Glossybox, $21/Month

    Glossy and oh, so flossy. You’ll love everything about this beauty subscription. You get five luxurious products that include both emerging and high-end brands. All products are picked by global experts who are always in the know to bring you the best beauty essentials.


    monthly beauty box fab fit fun

    FabFitFun, $49.99/Box

    This is one of the best and most popular beauty boxes out there with great testimonials. Although this is not a monthly beauty box, FabFitFun sends a box four times a year that features full-size cosmetic products. The box comes with $200 worth of products, so the offer is a pretty sweet deal. Sometimes you even get a discount on your first box, so be on the lookout.


    monthly beauty box play by sephora

    Play! By Sephora, $10/Month

    Straight out of our favorite candy shop, Sephora’s box, Play! is a pretty amazing monthly beauty box. When you subscribe, you get five deluxe skin care, makeup, and haircare samples plus a fragrance bonus. The only thing required is filling out a beauty profile, so that way you can get samples that cater to your needs and style. All for 10 bucks, baby!


    monthly beauty box ipsy

    Ipsy, $10

    This comes as no surprise! Ipsy, is highly popular amongst beauty addicts. You can get this beauty subscription for just $10. You’ll get five beauty products based on your beauty preference. The monthly beauty box can come with lots of goodies that range from skincare to hair products– It’s customized for you!


    monthly beauty box kissme

    KissMe, $19.99/Month

    By yours truly, this lip subscription is one of a kind and we’re proud. When you join our lipstick club, you’ll get three lipsticks sent to your doorstep every month for only $19.99! You get to try bolds, nudes, metallics and more formulas without getting the same lipstick twice. We also offer a brush and nail subscription. To learn more, click here.


    monthly beauty box

    There are so many monthly beauty boxes out there and some might even question if they are a makeup scam. Be sure to read as many reviews and testimonials before signing up. Also, check out more of LiveGlam’s reviews on our blog. We always tell it how it is!

    Have you tried any of these monthly beauty boxes? If you have, tell us which one you’re subscribed to below or link-up with us in Instagram!

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