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    Best Mauve Lipsticks For Your Skin Tone

    Posted by LiveGlam on Aug 20, 2020

    Best Mauve Lipsticks For Your Skin Tone

    Getting tired of your current list of go-to lippies? Mauve is the new nude! We seriously can’t stop swooning over how gorgeous a mauve lip looks – and the fact that it pairs well with practically any type of glam.

    When it comes to mauve lipstick, you have many different shades of this dusty pink or purple to choose from. How to pick the best mauve lipstick for your skin tone? Here’s some useful info to guide you through it! Also, get ready to mauve on up, because we have an exclusive all mauve liquid lipstick collection, Marvelous Mauves now on shop!

    Best Mauve Lipstick Shades For Your Skin Tone

    best mauve lipstick for fair skin

    Fair skin

    For light to fair skin, it’s a good idea to stay away from milky shades because they can easily wash you out. The idea here is to choose a mauve shade that can add more color and warmth to your pale skin, so opt for a mauve lippie that has more of a rosy-pink color. Our Mood lippie is the perfect mauve shade for fair skin!

    Of course, you should also consider your undertone to choose the most flattering shade of lipstick. For fair skin with a cooler tone, you can definitely go with a mauve lipstick that has bluish or purple tones. If your skin has warmer undertones, then it’s most flattering to stick with taupe-y pink shades.

    best mauve lipstick colors for medium skin tone

    Medium skin

    For medium skin, it’s ideal to choose colors that are a bit darker than your natural lip color because they will add more dimension to your complexion.

    Although warmer undertones should stick to warm shades of lipstick, a bluish pink lipstick can actually be the perfect complement to medium skin with warmer undertones. But overall, medium skin tones look great with deeper shades of mauve with either taupe-y or purple undertones. Our I Do lippie is the perfect mauve lipstick for medium skin tones!

    best mauve lipstick for deep skin tone

    Deep skin

    Rich, deep shades of mauve with a hint of brown look absolutely stunning on deeper skin tones! There are actually many different shades of mauve lipstick that look great on deep skin tones.

    Warmer shades of mauve with peachy or taupe-y undertones look incredible and they work wonders for adding more dimension to your complexion. For more ultra-glam vibes, a pinkish purple mauve looks phenomenal against deeper skin. Our Milan lippie is the perfect shade for deep skin tones!

    Go ultra-glam with a metallic or glossy finish

    Mauve lipstick comes in different shades and finishes – but what we love the most about this color is how versatile it truly is! For a show-stopping effect, a mauve lipstick with a metallic finish is by far one of our top choices for taking our glam to the next level.

    But for a softer, more natural glam, a milky lavender matte lippie is always our go-to. Whether you’re wearing it during the day or for a night out with the BFFS, adding a coat of clear gloss (or one with sparkles) will definitely turn a couple heads.

    What’s your fav shade of mauve? Let us know in the comments down below if there’s a shade that we need to add onto our wish list!

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