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black dress makeup ideas


Best Makeup Ideas For A Black Dress

Posted by LiveGlam on Apr 30, 2021

There’s something incredible about slipping into a black dress that fits you perfectly and makes you feel powerful. To make that perfect black dress all the more memorable, you need the right makeup look. While black is a very accommodating shade and almost any makeup look works, I do have some all-time favorites. 

Here are the best makeup ideas for a black dress…

Electric blue eyes and clear glossy lips 

makeup ideas when wearing black dress

Use that black dress as the perfect canvas for an eye-catching hit of color. Electric blue looks incredible on all skin tones and is somehow vintage yet modern at the same time. 

This is perfect for a red carpet or big event where personality and individuality are embraced. 

I think a clear glossy lip is perfect with this look because it adds texture while leaving the color solely to the eyes. 


  • My favorite shadow to use for this look is You Got Served from the What’s The Scoop palette. It is incredibly rich and saturated. While it is matte, you can top it with a shimmer or glitter for that pop of texture and light 
  • Start with the eyes first, as there is likely to be fall-out. Lay down an eyeshadow base or primer to cancel out any lid veins or uneven tone 
  • Use a stiff, stubby brush to pat the color onto the lid to achieve the saturation and shape you desire. A fluffy brush will simply flick the pigment everywhere and cause an uneven mess! 
  • If you like a diffused look, use a taupe shadow to buff along the edge of the blue to haze it out. Or, use a concealer brush and opaque concealer to create a sharp edge and graphic aesthetic 
  • Add a row of lashes and a very thin layer of black liquid liner 
  • To bring light to the eyes, pop champagne or silver shimmer in the inner corners 
  • Warm the cheeks with peachy blush and subtly contour 
  • Shape the lips with a nude liner and coat with clear gloss (you can’t beat Dandelion!)

Winged liner and matte red lips 

makeup to wear with a black dress

Lean into the old-school glamour of a classic black dress (or pant suit). Winged liner and matte red lips are both bold choices, but they somehow work perfectly together without being “too much”. Plus, you can adjust the intensity to suit your comfort zone. For example, create a subtle wing and blot the lips to reduce them to a stain if you feel more yourself in a pared-down look. Bring on the vintage Hollywood appeal! 

This look is perfect for a date night, big event…or a random Tuesday when you want to feel fabulous. 


  • A clean base is important for this look, as any extra “busy” features will overcrowd the look. You don’t need full-coverage foundation, but you do need a decent concealer 
  • Spot conceal any redness, discoloration, or dark circles to create an even-toned base
  • Set with translucent powder to ensure your work is protected and stays put! Plus, a matte or satin finish is best as any shine or shimmer can add unnecessary focal points to an already-packed look
  • Add a tinted eyeshadow base or cream shadow to the entire lid and set with powder or skin-matching eyeshadow. Use a matte bronzer or neutral taupe shadow to create depth in the crease, but leave the shadow at that!
  • Use either a liquid liner or a gel liner and brush to create your wing. I like to start from the inner corner of the eye and use small strokes pressing into the lash line. 
  • Make your line a little thicker as you move toward the outer corner 
  • Gently trace the shape of your wing, and quickly wipe away if it’s not quite right (you can clean any mess with concealer later)
  • Once your wing shape is right, fill it in
  • Add mascara and/or lashes and your peepers are done
  • If you’re a pro, slick your lippie on straight from the wand and voila. Or, use a liner first to perfect the shape then fill in with your lippie. My all-time favorite red is Spicy from the Feelin’ Fantas-Taco collection, but any matte red will work! 
  • Take a concealer, angled brush, liquid eyeliner, translucent powder, and your lippie with you if it’s a big event (or a long one) as this look often needs a little touching up in the powder room 

Quick charcoal smokey eyes and velvet nude lips 

best makeup looks with black dress

If you want to match your inky black dress with something just as moody, a smoky eye and nude lip always wins. Plus, this is a look that can be whipped up quickly when time is precious. It’s perfect for a sexy date or sultry party, (and an early 00’s costume party if you swap nude lips for straight-up concealer lips). 


  • Lay down an eyeshadow primer or tinted cream base 
  • Buff a charcoal or deep grey over the entire lid and into the lower lash line
  • Take a deeper charcoal or even a black shadow on a small crease brush and buff into the outer corner, lower lash line, and through the crease
  • The key here is to blend, blend, blend with a fluffy brush, picking up a little extra transition shade when you need to even out any patches. 
  • Clean any fall-out and create the shape you like by using a cotton round with a little makeup remover, then reapply your under eye concealer 

A bullet lippie is the fastest, easiest, and most velvety option for this look as you can apply it mirror-free (or with a quick glance into your phone screen). My favorite nude lipstick at the moment is Worthy, with a gorgeous pinky-mauve undertone that pairs beautifully with cool charcoal eyes.




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