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Best Eyeshadow Colors for Brown Eyes


Best Eyeshadow Colors for Brown Eyes

Posted by LiveGlam on Aug 19, 2019

We all know there are no rules when it comes to makeup! You can use whatever shades, formulas, or textures your lil’ heart desires, but there’s an art when it comes to deciding how to choose the best eyeshadow for every eye color. For all our brown-eyed babes out there, choosing the best eyeshadow shades can make them look like the rarest gems of all! Not sure how to choose the perfect shade of eyeshadow? Keep reading to see what shades you should be wearing when you wanna play up those gorgeous brown eyes!

Best Eyeshadow Shades for Brown Eyes

Brown eyes are far from boring, they sparkle with specks of gold, copper and warm honey – plus there are tons of shades complement those hues perfectly! These super-flattering shades will help those rich brown eyes realize their incredibly sultry and alluring potential. 

Purple Eyeshadow

Want a mesmerizing gaze? Purple is the best eyeshadow color to make your eyes pop! Purples are universally flattering… but they look even better against brown eyes. As shown in the color wheel (we said there was an art behind this), brown and purple are contrasting colors so it really makes brown eyes pop while also making the whites of your eyes appear brighter, making you look more awake (sign me up!). Yes, it’s a bold shade but don’t be intimidated because you can also use purple eyeliner pencil – purple’s make for some seriously eye-catching looks!

Blues & Teal Eyeshadow

Blue eyeshadows are a brown-eyed girl’s best friend! It’s not only a good eyeshadow for brown eyes, it’s one of the best shades for brown eyes because it brings out their true smoldering beauty! Although blues might seem intense, they really let brown eyes shine. Try a sultry and smokey eye with different hues of blue and even teals – trust us, you’ll never want to wear another eyeshadow shade ever again! The ’80s called… they wanted their blue eyeshadow back but they saw it looked better on you 😉.

Purple Eyeshadow for brown eyes

Warm Brown Eyeshadows

Warm brown eyeshadows really help to brighten brown eyes because they bring out any yellow or gold flecks while intensifying your eye color. Pop on some warm-toned shadows to bring all the boys to the yard, because your eyes will be looking like a delicious chocolate and honey milkshake sprinkled with gold (is that a real milkshake? because we want 2!).

Orange Eyeshadows

Every babe with brown eyes needs a good orange eyeshadow in their life! Orange tones will bring out the yellow tones from those dazzling peepers as well as make them appear more awake – plus its still summer and you can create really pretty summer eye looks! Looking to maximize the potency of your eyes? Add a yellow gold to the mix to emphasize that natural eye sparkle!

Eyeshadow for Brown Eyes

Flocking Fabulous Palette

If you rather get a palette with perfect shades for those lavish brown eyes… why haven’t you gotten your hands on our “Flocking Fabulous” palette?! Our Flocking Fabulous palette is a phenomenal eyeshadow palette for brown eyes! Need your warm brown shades? “Beach Bum” and “Coconut” will be your new go-to’s. That pop of teal to make those eyes the star of the show? “Banana Leaf” and “Palm Tree” will have those eyes looking dreamy AF! We also got you covered with a beautiful orange shade (“Sunset”) and a ravishing yellow gold (“Tangerine”) that’ll keep those eyes wanting more! Need we say more? That’s what we thought 😉!

LiveGlam Flocking Fabulous palette

Grab Flocking Fabulous!

Now, just because these shades are the best eyeshadow colors for brown eyes, doesn’t mean you can only wear these shades – feel free to have fun and play around with as much color as you want because there are no rules to art! Need more shadows to play with? You came to the right place at the right time! With our LiveGlam Eyeshadow Subscription Club, ShadowMe, you’ll receive a breathtaking eyeshadow palette every other month with 9-10 buttery and extra pigmented shades for only $19.99, so make some room on your vanity and get those eyes ready for the best eyeshadows ever!




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