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Awesome Party Hair Ideas to Try This Holiday Season

Posted by LiveGlam on Dec 27, 2016

Awesome Party Hair Ideas to Try This Holiday Season

We love everything about the holidays, especially the glitz and the glam. There is something about this magical time of year that makes us want to wear more sparkle, rock a red lip and even try a new hair-do. Now that the new year is approaching, we figured to ring it in with some fabulous hairstyles. With that said, here are awesome party hair ideas to try this holidays season.


via Alana Dawn

1. Textured Half-Up Party Hairstyle

If you’re invited to a fancy party, you can never go wrong with having your hair away from your face. This textured half-up hairstyle is very sexy! So if you don’t want to go for the perfect polished look, and you’re dress is simple, try this hair-do. It will totally spice things up!


Jourdan Dunn, Source Unknown
Jourdan Dunn, Image Source Unknown

2. The Side Wrap Braid

Okay ladies, if you’re going a little more formal, this hairstyle is for you! It’s elegant and sassy. The braid is what really makes this style fierce, so make sure to practice your braiding skills if you plan on doing this one on your own.


Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe

3. Vintage Curls

There’s nothing more beautiful than wearing a bold red lip with some vintage curl; This is a party go-to. You’ll have to rely on some good hair spray to keep the curls soft and tame.


via Headquarters 740185
via Headquarters 740185

4. Messy Side Bun

This is one of our favorite hairstyles for holiday parties. We don’t really get to wear our hair up in a fancy-schmancy way, so now is the time do it! Just remember, the messier, the edgier, it’s all up to you.


Ariane Grande, Image Source Unknown
Ariane Grande, Image Source Unknown

5. “The Ariana” Big Half Up Ponytail

You’ll be working it from side to side with this hairstyle, because you’ll be doing a whole lot of hair-flips. It’s all about full, thick hair, so you might need some hair extensions to make this hair-do really work.


Taylor Swift, via David Shankbone
Taylor Swift, via David Shankbone

6. Romantic Curls

If you’re planning on smooching at midnight, then you gotta look like a Victoria’s Secret Angel. These curls never go out of style for your party hair ideas. Don’t focus so much on having perfect, polished curls. Tease them up a bit for that sexy, messy look and spray them good.


via Kim Kardashian
via Kim Kardashian

7. Sexy Sleek Locks

This hairstyle has been really trending especially amongst the celebs. You’ll need to wear your hair pretty straight, so heat-up that flat iron. Make sure to also part your hair perfectly in the middle and keep your hair tucked behind your ears. It’s easy and very chic!


Eva Longoria via Hispanic Lifestyle
Eva Longoria via Hispanic Lifestyle

8. Side Swept Curls

This is another elegant hairstyle, so make sure your curls are neat and have that bounce factor. Once you’re done, sweep your hair to one side and pin the back with bobby pins to keep your hair in place.




3,2,1… Party Hair Ideas!

Let the countdown begin to fabulous hair and a happy New Year! We hope we gave you some great party hair ideas to try this sparkly, festive season. Just don’t leave us out! We wanna see the selfies too! Now go on with your beautiful self.

Which hairstyle will you try for your holiday party? Tell us below or tag us on Instagram and for more hair inspiration read more other blogs.

Happy Holidays!

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