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Artist Couture Diamond Glow Powder Product Review

Posted by LiveGlam on Jul 22, 2016

Artist Couture Diamond Glow Powder Product Review LiveGlam

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then we know why we’re loving these Artist Couture Diamond Glow Powder highlights (not just for girls!) Artist Couture is a makeup brand launched by our bae Angel Merino, you might know him as @mac_daddyy tho. This loose powder highlight has the perfect shimmer to glitter ration to get that highlight poppin more than your booty at the club.

We all like to glow in a different way, so I’ll start this off by saying that this highlight is for the intense glow-getters out there. Stand out of the crowd, or wear it as a reflector for your night biking routine, this is one powerful little pot of star dust. Let’s break down our 3 P’s (Packaging, Performance, and Price) and see what it’s all about, shall we?


We’re gonna talk about the packaging first. These beauties come in an unassuming simple and classy package design. Adorned with the elegant Artist Couture “A” logo, a black lid, and clear bottom so you can see the specks of glitter floating around in there.

The lid is equipped with a sifter that rotates to control how much product you’re allowing into the basin. This product is so potent, that you need only run your brush across the powder that collects on the lid to get an intense glow. That makes it an easy product to keep clean and sanitized! When using this for clients, just make sure you spray the lid with alcohol and wipe it clean (and let it dry!) before putting it back on.

Simple and practical packing, no extra frills, gets this baby a 4 out of 5.

@mac_daddyy Diamond Glow Powder review


Now let’s get into the big question– does it work? Well do you have a side job directing air traffic control? Because I guarantee they’ll be spottin’ your highlight before they even descend. (wear with caution around low riding aircrafts.) Because this highlight is a loose powder, you get a lot of payoff!

This line of highlight currently has 11 color options of high-quality and finely-milled shimmer dust. The shades range from bronze, to pink, duochrome, and opalesque. You will find a true variety in here for any skin tone.

Diamond Glow Powder swatches Coco Bling, Conceited, Broadway

Don’t worry about losing your sparkle, either, these highlights will last you all day! If you reaally wanna intensify your glow, spritz some setting spray on your cheeks or your brush and apply it just slightly damp! We’ll check in with Nasa later to see how it’s lookin up there. And don’t stop at the cheekbones, pop some over your lipstick for a sexy shimmery finish, or on your lids for eyes that really glow!

We love seriously love these! That’s an obvious 5 on performance.

@mac_daddyy Diamond Glow Powder in Coco Bling lip swatch


Ok, time for the nitty-gritty, cause in the end it all comes back value. This pot of gold (or pink, or opal…) will set you back $26.99 for 6g. The price is comparable to most high-end highlight products, but because you need so little to glow your face up, you’re gonna get a lot of bang for your buck with this one.

For price, we’re gonna give it a 4.5. I understand that the $26.99 ticket may seem a little steep to some, but I just truly don’t believe you’ll find a drugstore product that will give you these results!

Overall– 4.5

Would we buy this product again? Yes (um can I have it in every color too plz?) Would we recommend this product? Only if you wanna shine bright like a diamond. (and that’s a YES!) 😉 ♥  


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