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Things No One Told You About Makeup

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7 Things No One Told You About Makeup!

Posted by Joyce Lee on Jun 14, 2019

7 Things No One Told You About Makeup!

Whether you’re new to the world of makeup or you’re a complete pro, there are a couple of unspoken rules that we should all be familiar with.

Here’s a quick refresher of basic makeup tips to make sure you’re on your A-game!

1. Check for expiry dates

Some of us don’t even realize that makeup comes with an expiry date. Go through your makeup stash every few months to check for expired makeup and toss it out ASAP. 

Where’s the expiry date? You can usually find a sticker with a tiny symbol that resembles a container of powder with a number – this number represents how many months the product is good for.

Makeup Expiration

If you can’t find the expiry date or the print has faded, the best way to figure out if your makeup has gone bad is to take a whiff of it – if it smells funky, throw it out!

2. Most makeup products can be used in different ways

The biggest misconception with makeup is that you have to buy a ton of makeup to complete a look. There are actually many different ways you can use most of the products in your beauty drawer!

Instead of wearing eyeshadow, you can sweep bronzer, highlighter, or blush onto your lids for a wash of color. You can also use a brown eyeshadow to contour or an eyeshadow with shimmer as a highlighter.

3. You can apply makeup with your fingers

You’ve already got the best makeup applicator on your hands – quite literally.

Use your fingers to apply concealer. The warmth from our fingertips actually helps to smooth out the consistency of creamy formulas to give us even coverage.

You can also use your fingers to apply foundation, eyeshadow, or highlighter onto your nose bridge!

4. Hydration is the key to flawless makeup application

One of the most important steps to include in your morning ritual? Moisturize your face before applying face primer!

Consider this the most important beauty tip on this list! A proper skin care regimen and adequate hydration will set the foundation for perfect makeup application.

Yes, even if you have oily skin.

5. Apply eyeliner to your lash line

The best eyeliner technique isn’t just about creating the perfect line or wing. You’ve also got to use an eyeliner pencil to fill in the space between your lashes on your lash line.

This additional step ensures that you don’t get a noticeable gap between the eyeliner and your lash line – which really isn’t the best look.

6. The best way to apply mascara

Most people apply mascara by sweeping the wand in an upward and forward motion. Now we’re not saying that’s the wrong way to do it, but there’s a better way.

To coat your lashes better, position the wand at the root of your lashes and slowly wiggle it through your lashes in a zig-zag pattern.

Best Way to Apply Mascara

7. Use eyeshadow to achieve a fuller hairline

Wish you had a fuller hairline? No worries, just grab some eyeshadow.

You can use eyeshadow to create the illusion of a fuller hairline by filling in any sparse areas or gaps – just make sure you use a shade that matches your roots!

What’s your best beauty tip? Let us know in the comments what else we should add to the list! 


Joyce Lee

Joyce Lee

Joyce Lee is a freelance writer and a winged eyeliner expert. She knows a little about a lot when it comes to beauty. When she’s not writing, you can catch her at a nearby coffee shop getting her caffeine fix.

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