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makeup trends to try in 2021


5 New Makeup Trends To Try In 2021

Posted by LiveGlam on Jan 15, 2021

As we say “see ya” to 2020 and skip willingly into 2021, let’s make the transition all the more glam by trying out purty new makeup trends. 

Here are 5 new makeup trends to try this year!

Khaki green eyes 

Have you guys noticed the rise in natural, murky (in a good way) green tones recently? Khaki green is having a moment, and we definitely stan. It’s a beautiful way to wear green without going full-on emerald city or Poison Ivy. It looks incredible with all eye colors, but especially brown, hazel, and green eyes. 


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Try it out:

  • Buff a taupe or neutral brown shade through the crease for definition. Or, you can warm it up by using a mustard or deep marigold shade. 
  • Buff your khaki shade into the outer corner and through the crease
  • Buff the same khaki shade into the lower lash line 
  • Add a little light and glow by tapping gold or champagne shimmer over the center of the lid and into the inner corner

Sky-blue eyes


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Opaque, sky blue eyeshadow is the whimsical joy we all need this year. It pops against all skin tones and gives a 1960s attitude that never gets old. There are so many ways you can wear this look:

  • Paint a white-based blue shadow paint all over the lid and wing at the corner. Keep the lower lashes clear for a clean, graphic approach.
  • Buff sky blue matte shadow over the lid and deepen the crease with a dark navy shadow. Pop bright white in the inner corner and smoke out the lower lash line.
  • Keep the lid clean (or blend a skin-matching shade) and use a sky blue gel liner to create a floating liner look. 
  • Concentrate sky blue shadow in the inner corner and inner third of the lid. Warm the crease with a little bronzer and go ham with the mascara. 

Draped blush and bright mascara duo 


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A post shared by KATIE JANE HUGHES (@katiejanehughes)

Draped blush is one of the prettiest looks. It borders on romantic costume, with a little runway drama and a dash of “feelin’ flushed.” Up the ante by adding a hit of colored mascara for a bold concentration of color surrounding the eyes and cheekbones. 

  • Take a matte or very slightly sheeny blush in a pinky-peach tone (or whichever suits your complexion) and gently layer over the cheekbones and up toward the temples. 
  • Use a clean brush to blend the edges, then use your foundation sponge to gently press over the blush to tone down any excessive pigment. 
  • Create cohesion by gently buffing the blush shade into the crease of the eye so that it connects to the temples and cheekbones.
  • Add a navy blue (or any colored mascara that excites you!) mascara and be prepared for envious looks. 
  • Take it up a notch for parties and soirees by adding subtle silver diamantes over the cheekbones or under the brow. 

Nothing but balm – aka the mask life


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We’re going to be living the mask life for a long time. If you’re finding your mask and lipstick just aren’t best pals, ditch the color and go for a balm. What’s more, if your foundation and concealer are getting all ruffled each time you don that mask, take the simpler route. 

  • Mix your moisturizer with a little foundation for a custom tinted moisturizer. Conceal your under eyes and any “above-mask” blemishes with a light layer of concealer and lightly set with translucent powder.
  • Enhance your eyes without effort by buffing bronzer into the crease and under the lash line. Press a chocolate brown shadow into the upper lash line and add some hearty coats of mascara.
  • Keep a tinted balm on hand for soft, hydrated comfort. When it’s time to de-mask, your lips are luscious and a little flushed. Shnooks is definitely one of your go-to balms!

Kohl (2000s style)


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Remember the days when a kohl liner, chalky foundation, and spidery mascara were beauty staples? Those early 2000’s middle school and early high school days. Let’s keep our high-tech lashes and evolved foundation, for sure. However, the all-around-the-eye kohl liner certainly has a place in modern glam. A dark, smudgy rim of black, plum, or chocolate brown buffed into the upper and lower lash lines for a chic-grunge look.

  • Press a blendable kohl liner into the upper lash line and use a stubby brush to smudge out then repeat. Or, use a matching shadow color to set the liner and add further depth. Repeat with the lower lash line. 
  • Get that perfect angle by looking upward and allow the liner and shadow to transfer onto the crease. Then, blend the shadow into the crease to add dimension. 

What makeup trends will you be trying this year? Comment below and tag us at #LiveGlamFam on Instagram with your new lewks! 




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