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    Beauty Hacks

    5 Basic Necessities for Your Beauty Drawer

    Posted by Joyce Lee on May 29, 2019

    Beauty Drawer Necessities

    Necessities for Your Beauty Drawer

    Whether you’re a ‘less is more’ type of gal or you like to keep things super glam, there are a couple of basic necessities you should already have in your beauty drawer!

    Here are 5 things you need to get your hands on ASAP:

    1. Scrunchies

    Say goodbye to new baby hairs!

    Besides the serious 90s vibes, there are a few more reasons why we’re seeing more and more off-duty models and celebs with a scrunchie around their wrist.

    Compared to regular hair elastics, scrunchies last a lot longer and they’re super gentle on your tresses. But that’s not it – there’s less breakage from pulling your hair back and it doesn’t get all funky when you let your hair down.    

    2. Sunscreen

    Sunscreen doesn’t get enough hype! Whatever your skin type, it’s one of the most important steps to incorporate into your skincare regimen.

    Rain or shine, regular application of sunscreen is a must! Even if it’s cloudy out, the harmful effects of UV rays can still damage your skin. Sunscreen also has anti-aging properties, because it helps to prevent your skin from aging prematurely, as well as reversing the signs of aging that were brought on by sun damage.

    must have beauty drawer items

    3. Coconut oil

    A lot of people swear by this stuff – we’re with them!

    Coconut oil is incredibly versatile and it has a number of different uses in your beauty regimen. Not to mention, it only costs a couple of bucks for a huge jar of this stuff! You can use coconut oil to deep condition your hair. It’s one of the best natural leave-in treatments to add some moisture to your hair and scalp.

    Other ways to use coconut oil? You can use it as a lip balm to treat dry or chapped lips. It also works great as a makeup remover – even against stubborn waterproof mascara!

    What to keep in your beauty drawer

    4. Eyeshadow primer

    Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion ($24) is a major game-changer.

    Use this primer to prep your lids on those days (or nights) you need some extra staying power.   

    But that’s not it – you can do much more with this eyeshadow primer. To prevent shine or to keep your makeup from melting, apply a fair amount of this primer onto your T-zone area after your face primer.

    5. Microfiber hair towel

    Give your hair a break from the heat!

    If you have damaged hair, you need to get yourself one of these towels right now. Actually, a microfiber hair towel can benefit everyone.

    Wrapping your hair in a microfiber towel can dry your hair fast, which means reducing the amount of time you spend with your hair dryer (if you still need it).

    What’s the one thing in your beauty drawer that you can’t live without? Let us know in the comments!

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    Joyce Lee

    Joyce Lee is a freelance writer and a winged eyeliner expert. She knows a little about a lot when it comes to beauty. When she’s not writing, you can catch her at a nearby coffee shop getting her caffeine fix.

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