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4 Halloween Eye Looks You Must Try


4 Halloween Eye Looks You Must Try

Posted by LiveGlam on Oct 23, 2020

Get your ghost stories ready, polish off those decorations, and stock up on candy cause Halloween is (almost) here! Now, we glammers don’t need an occasion to try new eye looks, but it sure is fun to work with a theme. Halloween comes with such a wealth of eye makeup possibilities, from ghoulish grey to preppy pumpkin orange. 

Halloween eye look ideas to inspire you! 

Black wing and orange shadow look for halloween

Black wing and orange shadow

Black and orange is a classic Halloween pairing, even when it comes to makeup. The great thing is that tangerine tones are beautifully flattering on so many skin tones. Plus, you can shuffle the shades to work for you. Super pale glammers may want to use a pastel coral, while deeper tones could go for rich, burnt oranges. 


  • Lay down your eyeshadow base (or a skin-matching concealer set with powder)
  • Buff an orange shadow into the crease and use a fluffy brush to diffuse the edges. “Caterpillar” from the Eyeshadow Club ‘Whimsical Garden’ palette would be eye-deal (had to do it!)
  • Use a blackest-black liquid liner or gel liner and liner brush to line the upper lash line, using little strokes if you’re nervous. At the outer corner, take the liner out and slightly up to create a wing. Use a q-tip soaked in makeup remover to tidy any edges and to create a sharper edge 
  • Pop gold or champagne shimmer into the inner corners, add mascara and lashes, and you’re done! 

Matte black smokey eye look for halloween

Matte black smokey

If you’re going for a purple or grey lip color, a matte black smokey eye would be killer. However, black shadow can be a little daunting if you’re a beginner (or very pale), so you can always switch it out for deep cocoa tones or even rich, dark plum. The key is to layer the shadows and blend thoroughly to create diffused edges. 


  • Do your eye makeup first, and your base second. This way, the fall-out from dark eyeshadows won’t ruin your foundation
  • Prime your eyes with a primer or concealer and setting powder
  • Press pale grey or white shadow over the entire lid 
  • Lay a taupe or deep grey color into the crease and buff toward the outer tip of the brow
  • Keep layering with a slightly deeper shade, (black, if you’re brave) and concentrate the darkest shade in the outer corner of the crease. We love ‘Secret Baegent’ from the ‘Investiglam’ palette, combined with a little ‘Spill the Tea’ for a black-meets-metal shimmer. 
  • Buff the deepest color along the lower lash line
  • Take a black kohl pencil and line the upper lash line, extending slightly at the outer corner
  • Use a pencil brush or stubby brush to smudge and diffuse the liner
  • Pop a silvery grey or white shimmer into the inner corners and a dab on the center of the mobile lid
  • Add plenty of mascara and lashes! 

Witchy green shimmer wash eye look for halloween

Witchy green shimmer wash 

Halloween eyes don’t need to be deep and smokey, they can be light and whimsical, too! Channel fairies, pixies, and a little Poison Ivy with a shimmery green shadow with plenty of glitter. This look is beautiful with bronzed skin and a peachy-nude gloss. 


  • Prime your eyes with a primer or concealer and setting powder
  • Buff a mid-tone green shimmer shadow over the lid, stopping just below the brow bone. ‘Powerful’ from the ‘Scorpio’ palette is perfect for this look! Buff the same shadow along the lower lash line
  • Take a deeper green (such as ‘Wild’) and buff along the crease to add more depth and dimension, and add a little to the lower lash line, too
  • Press a little champagne or gold shimmer into the inner corner
  • If you have glitter at the ready, press green or gold glitter onto the mobile lid, right in the center
  • Add mascara and lashes, voila! 

Cobweb and spider eye look for halloween

Cobweb and spider eyes 

Let’s get a little graphic and creative, shall we? If you’ve got a long-wearing liquid eyeliner, you can decorate your peepers with teeny images. This time, let’s try spiders and cobwebs. 


  • Prime your eyes with a primer or concealer and setting powder
  • Pick your eyeshadow color story. Matte green and cocoa brown would be beautiful for Halloween, or even a simple grey smokey eye
  • You could use one simple shadow over the entire lid, with a pale shimmer in the inner corner and on the brow bone. Easy, fast, and effective
  • Take your liquid liner and start with a few lines that extend down the cheek from the outer corner of the eye
  • Now, add curved horizontal lines between each of your vertical lines to create a simple cobweb
  • At the corner of the other eye, carefully draw a tiny spider, perhaps adding a dot of glitter to its back 
  • Experiment! You may want the cobwebs to start at the hairline, or cover the entire lid 
  • Give yourself time to play before landing on the final look! 

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