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Our Top 5 Makeup YouTube Channels!

by Jessica Seifert 2 weeks ago

Welcome to the modern era of information where you can learn to do anything online- from ordaining a marriage to fleeking your brows. If you’re a makeup newb and find yourself drooling over cat-eyes and smoked out wings, then you need to enroll in a lil YTU! YouTube University can school you on any makeup technique you need to know. If you LOVE makeup but you’re already winging your eyes like a pro, then tune in to these channels to refine your technique or see the latest fab (or whacky) makeup trends.

Nikkie Tutorials

AKA the QUEEN of transforming! This beauty YouTuber takes the glam to the max with a big personality to match. You can catch her trying out any kind of new makeup challenge or funky trends. She has tons of great full-face tutorials to turn up your glam. If you’re into big, bold eyes with a full coverage face on fleek, then check out NikkieTutorials channel. She’ll be sure to blend you in the right direction!

Alissa Ashley

This down-to-earth fun makeup queen knows how to slay a highlight! If you’re looking for a makeup YouTube with really great educational videos for hooded eyes, do’s and don’ts, and a little bit of goofiness. Her blending skills are completely on point, and she’s fun to watch! I love her tips for eyeliner on hooded eyes. Check out Alissa Ashley, she might just show you a technique you never considered before!

Desi Perkins

This trend-starting beauty queen knows how to snatch a face! If you’re looking for flawless skin and soft glam, with an equally soft and sweet personality, then go watch some Desi Perkins tutorials! Learn how to apply flawless skin that looks like… well, skin, channel your inner Selena or get funky with some special effects looks, too. Desi has a real and natural vibe from her personality to her natural beauty making it a joy to watch!

Laura Lee

Big personality, big eyes, big hair- do it BIG with this YouTube beauty star! Laura Lee isn’t afraid to be a goofball and have fun with her tutorials. If you’re looking to try a new product or beauty trend, then check in on this channel! You can catch a few full face looks on this channel, or you can get inspired by some of the interestingly unique video challenges, accompanied with singing and dancing!

Christen Dominique

If you’re looking for a chill channel to learn makeup application techniques that’s just like chatting with the homegirl, then check out this hot mama! Christen Dominique has really laid back vibes and a good variety of looks in her repertoire, from natural glowy-glam, to full-on slaying the whole village glam! Don’t let mommy mode stop your fleek. She even has a fun series comparing classic American makeup trends to beauty trends of several cultures!

Don’t let liner-envy haunt you any longer- fill all your makeup desires. Learn how to apply the smokey shadow of your dreams and have a good laugh with these glamazing YouTube makeup tutorial channels! You’ll be glowin’ before the day is over! Tell me some of your favorite beauty channels in the comments below!

Stay Glam

Jessica Seifert

Jessica Seifert is a makeup enthusiast with winged liner sharp enough to slay her enemies. She spends her free time turning people into beautiful monsters & zombies. Learning about new makeup techniques and skincare is her passion! View all the posts by Jessica Seifert

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