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4 Unique Ways to Use Setting Sprays

by Jessica Seifert 2 years ago

Long-lasting makeup with a smooth finish that just melts into your skin is basically every makeup addict’s dream. With long nights and summer heat, achieving a day to night slay gets harder and harder to do. We just might have a solution for you tho!

Grab yourself a setting spray and start spritzing. Using the right setting spray during your makeup application will improve the overall finish and longevity of your fleek. Check out a few setting sprays that we love and how we use them!

Let’s just start by saying not all sprays are created equal. Different sprays have different ingredients which will make them more or less useful to different people, and how you can apply them to your makeup process.

Primer Sprays

If you like to mist your face before applying makeup for a hydrated, dewy look, then M•A•C Fix + is the way to go. This setting spray contains glycerin and water, which will allow your makeup to sit into your skin and look like skin. It keeps you very dewy and provides a good base for makeup to melt into.

Blending Sprays

If you want to use your setting spray to blend your cream makeup, we suggest MUFE Fix & Mist or M•A•C Fix +. These sprays both have a dewy finish and increase hydration while making your makeup last longer. That’s basically the perfect formula to spritz a few sprays after applying cream products, before blending them with your beauty blender or brush. You can also spray these sprays directly into you brush or beauty blender to dampen them, but make sure you aren’t applying an overly wet sponge or brush to your face!

Finishing Sprays

This is certainly the most common use for setting sprays! Spritzing your face after your makeup is complete to create an all-day finish. For this purpose– any of our favorite sprays will do the job!

Use your M•A•C Fix + or MUFE Fix & Mist to spray before AND after applying setting powder. Spraying your blended cream makeup before powder will create a protective layer and longer lasting finish. Spraying after you apply your powder products will take away the “powdery” look of your makeup and blend everything together. These sprays will are gonna have a dewier finish, too.

You can use Gerard Cosmetics Slay All Day or Ben Nye Final Seal to spray your finished makeup, after applying powders. This will create a long-lasting look and allow your powder products to blend into your skin. These 2 sprays will have more of a mattifying finish. The Gerard Cosmetics spray leaves your face smelling like bouquet of awesome yumminess. And we particularly love the Ben Nye Final Seal for its waterproof properties. This is a great spray if you have to endure some activity or heat– or if you have a date with the pool this summer! The Ben Nye is also great for setting special effects makeup.

Intensifying Sprays

You can use any of these sprays to dampen your skin or makeup brush when applying powder products (like your highlighter or eyeshadow!) to get a bold color pay-off. We like to spritz of Gerard Cosmetics Slay All Day on your cheeks before applying highlight. The super fine mist of this spray works perfectly for that. You can try spritzing some M•A•C Fix + onto your makeup brush when applying eyeshadow pigments or shimmery products to get bolder color and less fall-out. We like M•A•C or MUFE sprays best when applying products to the eyes! Their ingredients are more sensitive to that delicate area. 

Try out a few sprays and see what works best for your skin type. The M•A•C Fix + is a really great, versatile spray if you’re looking for the one that does it all. We really like layering the spray into each step of our application, and it keeps your makeup lasting forever! Don’t be afraid to use a few different sprays to get the perfectly fleek face of your dreams.

Cause, personally, I need my makeup to stay snatched thru rain, wind, or sun. I wanna hike a mountain and look like I just stepped out of the studio. Let a date try to take you swimming– we don’t play! 


Jessica Seifert

Jessica Seifert is a makeup enthusiast with winged liner sharp enough to slay her enemies. She spends her free time turning people into beautiful monsters & zombies. Learning about new makeup techniques and skincare is her passion! View all the posts by Jessica Seifert

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  • theresa: Can a priming spray be used as a setting spray too

  • Ava Marie: Can I put my primer/setting spray i on my beauty blender?

    • Jessica Seifert

      Jessica Seifert: Yes you can! Make sure to let the spray sink into your sponge before using it (so that it feels damp and not wet)! xoxo

  • Bp: I’m having severe creasing and darkening of my undereye makeup after applying translucent powder to set. I’m Using great products and priming so I believe the powder just isn’t working for me. Can I just apply setting spray to my undereyes without the powder? Like maybe spray on blender then dab a bit under eyes? Would that cause creasing and blotching?

  • Jordan: Thank you for the info I followed all steps and my make up was flawless

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