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    March 2018 Lippie Club


    Forsaken Kiss Collection

    Custom Badge

    March 2018 Lippie Club


    Forsaken Kiss Collection

    Details -

    Weight: .9oz

    Color: Mahogany

    Finish: Matte


    You’re not a “Tease”… you’re just saving all of your kisses for this gorgeous lippie. Play hard to get, but they’ll never forget those lips in this matte mahogany shade. You’d just rather spend your kisses on this lippie, and who can blame ya?!

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    You need this lippie because:

    You don't have to "Tease", go ahead and kiss up to this gorgeous deep red-brown!

    This lippie is also:

    Cruelty-Free Vegan Paraben-Free Gluten-Free Non-Comedogenic Kiss Proof Made in USA

    Ratings & Reviews

    4.7 | 1239 reviews

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