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    Exclusive Collection

    BALMshell Bundle

    Lickable - Bare - Shnooks

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    Exclusive Collection

    BALMshell Bundle

    Lickable - Bare - Shnooks

    Details -

    Weight: 2.4g per lippie

    Color : Lickable (Bubblegum), Bare (Bisque), Shnooks (Sweet Mauve)

    Finish: All Sheen Collection





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    BALMshell Bundle

    Pucker up for the softest lips with our tinted lip balm trio! Infused with shea butter, jojoba oil, and soothing peppermint, your pout will crave these.


    You’re going to be a total BALMshell in “Lickable”! Not only will it give you soft and luscious lips, but it adds a cute hint of pink no one will be able to resist. Dare to be “Bare” with our brand new tinted lip balm! This soft nude balm gives the perfect hint of color for a natural, glowing look. Give the juiciest kisses with our brand new tinted lip balm in “Shnooks”! This luscious balm adds the sweetest hint of mauve to give you the softest pout.


    Lasting hydration with a wash of color?

    This collection's definitely the best of both worlds!

    These lippies are also:

    Cruelty-free Vegan Paraben-free Gluten-free Non-Comedogenic Made in USA

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