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    October 2019 Collection

    Treat Yo’ Self

    Pumpkin Pie - Beso - Honey Bun

    October 2019 Collection

    Treat Yo’ Self

    Pumpkin Pie - Beso - Honey Bun

    Details -

    Weight: Pumpkin Pie (.9oz), Beso (1.8g), Honey Bun (.9oz)

    Color: Pumpkin Pie (Rustic Orange), Beso (Autumn Apple Red), Honey Bun (Warm Taupe)

    Finish: Pumpkin Pie (Matte), Beso (Silky Matte), Honey Bun (Matte)





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    Treat Yo’ Self

    Life just got sweeter with these scrumptious lippies from our new October 2019 Lippie Club collection! Our October 2018 collection was so popular that we decided to whip up a new recipe for it this year, but with a twist.

    Give into your sweet tooth with “Honey Bun”. You’ll be craving this  warm, mouthwatering lippie all season long!  We can’t think of anything sweeter than kisses! Our brand new vibrant red lip crayon, “Beso” won’t be able to get enough of those luscious lips. Let’s give ‘em pumpkin to talk about! This matte, rustic orange, “Pumpkin Pie” will have you feeling extra gourd-geous.

    You're in for a real treat...

    Satisfy that sweet tooth all year long with these scrumptious shades!

    These lippies are also:

    Cruelty-Free Vegan Paraben-Free Gluten-Free Non Comedogenic

    Ratings & Reviews

    4.7 | 5538 reviews

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