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    Exclusive LiveGlam Lippie

    Bday Kisses

    Custom Badge

    Exclusive LiveGlam Lippie

    Bday Kisses

    Details -

    Weight: .9oz

    Color: Bright Pink

    Finish: Soft Matte





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    Bday Kisses

    Wear this perfect pink lippie and all eyes will be locked on your pout! LiveGlam’s 1st exclusive shade is a big-girl barbie pink you need in your life. Wear this lippie while you cruise the town in your pretty pink drop-top!

    You need this lippie because:

    You can't properly rock your bday suit without some pink "Bday Kisses"!

    This lippie is also:

    Cruelty-Free Vegan Paraben-Free Gluten-Free Non-Comedogenic Kiss Proof Made in USA

    Ratings & Reviews

    4.3 | 38 reviews

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