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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use my LiveGlam Gift Card?

LiveGlam Gift Cards can be used as store credit for Shop and Subscription purchases only. They cannot be used to purchase club collections in waitlist, gift cards, Reward products or points. Simply, apply your gift code at Checkout where you see “Have a coupon or gift card?” Once applied the gift card will appear as 'Gift Card Applied’ in the order breakdown.

Learn more about LiveGlam Gift Cards here.

Where can I find my order details if I used guest checkout?

You'll receive a text message and email from us with your order details. This will include a link to the Find Order page. In case you can no longer access the text or email, you can always reach out to our Customer Happiness Team.

Does LiveGlam have an affiliate program?

Glammers can join our bright and shiny Diamond Affiliate Program to get makeup goodies and even make cash. If you have a social following, you can share your unique referral code and invite others to the #LiveGlamFam. Invite your friends, followers, hairdresser, mother-in-law, barista, the whole entire internet! If you invite more than 500+ people a month, you'll level up to our invite-only, Diamond Elite Program. Learn more about the perks of our affiliate program here.

Can I switch between the Lippie Club and Brush Club? Or Vice versa?

When it comes to the #LiveGlamFam, your wish is our glammand! If you'd like to switch from one club to another, you'll need to Cancel the membership of your current club and start another. However, you can always be a member of more than one club. You can manage all of this through your Dashboard. Remember, if you decide to Cancel a club, you will lose all your Reward points and/or end up on the waitlist.

How do I contact LiveGlam customer service?

Got questions? Concerns? Want to know our favorite contour tips? Reach out to our Customer Happiness Team anytime. We are always happy to help.

Can I shop LiveGlam even if I don't join?

Even if you are not a member to a LiveGlam club, you can still build your beauty kit with our glamazing products. Stop by the LiveGlam Shop to see the latest and make them yours. Remember, when you join to one of our clubs, you'll receive exclusive discounts from our Shop.

How do I review LiveGlam products?

We think you're influential, that's why we always want to hear from you! When you review products, we learn what you love and what you want to kiss goodbye. From your LiveGlam Dashboard, you can select to rate products and give us your feedback. Each time you give feedback, we'll give you 25 Reward points to redeem more glam goodies. Learn more about reviewing products here.

I received my club package, but I don't like some of the products. Can I still replace them?

We hope that you love all the glam goodies you receive, but we understand that some items aren't for everyone. Unfortunately, once you receive your package, your products cannot be swapped out. You can always give us feedback by rating them on your Dashboard. We are always listening!

Can I redeem multiple Reward items at the same time?

You can use any or all of your Reward points for glam goodies at any time. Learn more about Rewards here.

Why am I being charged shipping for a LiveGlam Shop purchase if I'm a club member?

Purchases from Rewards and Shop are separate from your club membership. However, we do offer our Glammers a shipping discount, which is calculated for you at checkout.

Why has my card been declined?

All of your card information is stored directly with our secure 3rd party merchant processor. For your safety, we do not have access to your credit card information to determine why it has been declined. We suggest double checking your card number, expiration date, billing address, or entering a different card. Otherwise, please contact your credit card provider directly. If your default card fails, we will automatically roll through your cards on file to keep your glam going.

How long does it take to get my club package?

We are experiencing some shipping delays due to COVID-19. We're doing our part, learn more here.

Club packages usually ship within 2 business days after your payment processes. We ship everyday, except Sundays and holidays. Once your package ships, you'll get an email with a tracking number. You can always find it in your Dashboard as well.

FYI, some orders might take longer to fulfill. Feel free to reach out to our Customer Happiness Team with any questions.

Can I combine my LiveGlam Shop or Reward orders with my club packages?

Currently, all of our orders ship separately. We're working on an add-on option, but in the meantime, check the status of your orders on your Dashboard.

What is the status of my order?

Due to COVID-19, the status of your order may be delayed. Click here to learn more about how we're doing our part.

For the status of your club package, Rewards or LiveGlam Shop purchases, log into your account and head to your Dashboard. Most orders ship out within 2 business days from purchase. Click here for more information on checking your status.

What kind of perks will I get as a LiveGlam member?

Each month, you’ll get 100 Reward points for each club package you receive. You can also earn Reward points when your friends join the #LiveGlamFam with your referral link. You can redeem points for makeup and other goodies. As a member, you’ll also get a discount on all LiveGlam Shop products, as well as early access to exclusives, launches, promos, and special collabs. Being a Glammer is absolute perk-fection!

Do I have to pay for shipping?

Glammers in the US with monthly, bi-monthly, 6-month, or annual plans receive free shipping.

International Glammers pay shipping based on their club membership: Lippie Club is $3.99, Brush Club is $4.99 and Eyeshadow Club is $5.99 per month.

FYI, Purchases from the LiveGlam Shop and Rewards will include shipping and taxes at checkout. Active club members get exclusive discounts on products and shipping. You’ll see those benefits at checkout as well. Get excited, good things are headed your way!

What will I get each month if I join the Brush Club?

Every month, you’ll receive an exclusive collection of 3-8 brushes. Some months you’ll receive more than others, but you’ll always get $30+ in products.

What type of brushes will I get each month?

You’ll receive brushes for powder, foundation, contouring, eyeshadows, liners, lips, and more. Once in a while, we’ll bring back our most popular brushes but that doesn't happen very often. When you rate your monthly collections, your feedback helps us create products you lust for. When it comes to our beauty products, our glam always begins with you!

What if I don’t want my next set of brushes?

You can Trade one or all of your brushes for some awesome alternatives. You can also Skip a month/payment entirely (you’ll hang on to your Reward points you’ve been banking you just won’t collect new ones that month.) By Skipping, your membership will automatically continue next month. The last option would be to cancel. You lose all your Reward points if you cancel, so make sure to cash them in if you decide to do so! *Please note: Trade must be completed before 11:59pm PT before your renewal date. You can always Skip or Cancel anytime before your renewal is processed. Feel free to contact our Customer Happiness team for any concerns.

Can I Cancel or Skip a month? What if I'm an annual subscriber?

You’ve got options. You can Trade one or all of your upcoming products for other brushes, non-subscription products, or rewards points! You can also Skip an upcoming payment/shipment, or you can Cancel at any point. If you’re on a 6-month or annual plan and have paid upfront, a Skip will simply extend your subscription duration by 30 days. You will always receive all the brushes you’ve paid for, even if you cancel before your plan is up. All of these features can be managed on your Dashboard. Here is a blog post with tons more information on your options as a Glammer!

Are there refunds?

You can choose to Skip or Trade any collection you don't want, but we have a no refund policy. Under special circumstances, some products may be exchanged/replaced if reported within 30 days. Reach out to our Customer Happiness Team for more info, we're happy to help.

When will my LiveGlam club package ship? How can I track my shipment?

ATTN: Due to COVID-19, we are experiencing some shipping delays. Learn more here.

Normally, we ship our packages within 2 business days of your payment - everyday except Sundays and holidays. Once your package ships, you’ll get an email with a tracking number which can also be found on your Dashboard. That's right, ship just got real!

FYI, we take extra care on custom orders. These may take longer to fulfill, but our promise is to get you fresh glam in your hands.

When will I be billed again? Can I change my billing date?

For your convenience, your LiveGlam membership will be charged uninterrupted on your chosen billing date. If you have a bi-monthly plan, you will be automatically billed on the same day every other month. If you have a 6 month or annual plan, you will be automatically billed for a bi-monthly plan on your next billing date. Changing your billing date is easy and free! The LiveGlam Dashboard is your go-to for updating your address, changing your billing date or managing your upcoming collection. Learn more about billing here.

Where can I find instructions or tutorials on how to use my LiveGlam products?

Discover glamazing tips and tricks on how to use your new products on our blog. As part of the #LiveGlamFam, you can check out exclusive content by clicking your club tab on your Dashboard. Get ready to bring your inner beauty out.

How do I Skip a month of LiveGlam? What if I have a 6 month or annual plan?

We are not your average beauty box! Before your monthly package ships, you can choose to Skip that collection for free. If you have a legacy 6 month or annual plan, you can still Skip and we’ll extend your subscription by 30 days. You can manage this feature on your Dashboard. Here is a blog post with lots of info on how Glammers can glow their own way.

What’s the benefit of signing up for a 6 month or annual plan? How does it work?

Although 6 month and annual memberships require the entire payment up front, you’ll get more products for less! 6 month members save $10 and earn 600 Reward points. Annual members get an entire month for free, as well as 1200 Reward points. That means you'll get 100 points for every club package delivered. You'll get more makeup for less!

As a member of LiveGlam, how do I get free beauty products?

There are many ways you can get free LiveGlam goodies! By earning Reward points, you can redeem them in your Dashboard for free products. Check out Rewards for more info.

Do I have any input on the types of products I’ll receive?

We think you're influential, that's why we are always listening! When you rate your monthly collections, your feedback helps us create products you lust for. 4 days after your package ships out, a rate option will appear on your Subscriptions tab. You can also leave feedback on our social accounts, we take your comments into consideration when developing new products or bringing back best sellers. Also, when you Trade your products we take note of what our Glammers love most. When it comes to our beauty products, our glam always begins with you!

How do I earn Reward points?

You earn Reward points just by being a Glammer! Here are some ways you can earn them with your active membership:

- Receive points for every club package delivered.

- When friends join the #LiveGlamFam with your link.

- We’ll send you points to celebrate your birthday.

- Rate your fav collections and earn even more.

- Take one of our surveys, we're always listening.

We add fun, new ways to earn points all the time. Visit Rewards by logging into your Account for more details and explore prizes. We’ve got your beauty benefits covered!

What if my payment fails, which collection will I receive?

Visit your Dashboard for order details and the collection you will receive. Contact our Customer Happiness Team for any questions, we're always happy to help.

Can I use a different card for each club I join?

You can have as many cards on file as you'd like. We’ll always ask you which card you’d like to use before starting a new subscription or purchasing items from Shop and Rewards. You can set one of your cards as “default” so it will be used for all reoccurring payments. If you only have one card on file, that will be your default payment.

When will I get off the waitlist?

Due to high glamand, sometimes we have to put our future Glammers on our waitlist. Our goal is to get everyone off as soon as possible! We do this on a first-come, first-serve basis. We are always activating new #LiveGlamFam members, so check your current spot in line on your Dashboard. FYI, click here to learn more (and the secret to skipping the waitlist).

When I’m taken off the waitlist for the club I signed up for, how will I know which collection I’ll receive?

Once you're officially part of the #LiveGlamFam, you'll receive the collection that you signed up for. We'll send an email with all the details! Learn more about the waitlist here. Get excited, glam is headed your way!

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