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Wire Nail Art- How to Get the Look

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Wire Nail Art- How to Get the Look

Posted by LiveGlam on May 08, 2017

You’ve probably seen the wire manicure nails all over Instagram. We have to say, it’s pretty dope. Thanks to founder and nail queen, Eun Kyung Park at the Unisella salon in Seoul, South Korea for coming up with this awesome, funky nail idea. The new mani consists of placing thin strands of gold wire on your nails to create a three-dimensional design. Eun suggests to do this look with a subtle or nude color. Alright, should we take a stab at it? Let’s go!


via nail_unistella

Wire Up

Get some gold, flexible wire to work with. You can find it at a craft or hardware store. Be sure to file the wire down so the sharp tip won’t cut your skin.


via nail_unistella

Easy, Peasy

Since we’re beginners, it’s best we start off with something easy, so let’s choose the design that outlines your nails. This is actually really neat and fairly simple to create.


via nail_unistella

Shape Up

Grab your tweezers and trace your nail bed by creating an oval shape with the gold wire. If you want to get really fancy add another loop to the extension of your nail to make an almond shape.


In the Clear

Use your Laura G base or top coat (for clear polish) and apply it on your nail bed before adding your precut and shaped wire. This will help secure the wire and keep it from shifting. You can also use, your Laura G nail polish in Sugar Cookie if you want a touch of color. It’s the perfect nude for this look!



Staying Power

Use nail glue to keep the wire design in place and on your fingernails. Extra glue is always better. Try using a toothpick, so you can really get in there.


The Final Touch

Apply your Laura G top coat to secure the wire and also add a beautiful shine.

This new nail trend gives that minimalist look which is always gorgeous. Be sure to show us what design you’ve tried and tag us on Instagram!

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