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Peter Thomas Roth Mask Set

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Why you need this $25 Peter Thomas Roth Mask Set In Your Life

Posted by Jess Hall on May 10, 2018

Let’s not beat around the bush: Peter Thomas Roth is an expensive brand. Their masks can cost up to $80 so while they may make your skin happy, the same can’t necessarily be said for your bank balance if you’re on a budget. Luckily, they’ve answered our skincare prayers and have released a 6-piece mask for just $25, but with a value of nearly $50.

Aside from the obvious conveniences for travelling and hand luggage, miniature mask sets are great because our skin’s needs are ever-changing, and so having a set of masks that caters to each of those needs just makes sense. They’re also great for multi-masking, as you’re able to alternate between masks for different parts of your face which makes perfect sense to us, because we can’t target specific skin concerns if we take a one-size-fits-all approach. So, now that we’ve covered the ‘why?’, let’s cover the ‘what?’ by giving you the low-down on exactly just how much bang you’re getting for your buck and a rundown of each of the masks included in this set.

Pumpkin Enzyme Mask – As this mask has been catapulted into the skincare hall of fame by countless numbers of beauty editors and gurus, you’re probably familiar with it. It features both physical and chemical exfoliating agents: aluminium oxide crystals being the physical, and pumpkin enzymes and AHAs being the chemical exfoliants. They all work to exfoliate and resurface the skin; ridding you of any dullness and dryness, and leaving you with baby-soft, bright skin. It also smells just like sweet pumpkin pie – what’s not to love?

Blue Marine Algae Mask – This one is full to the brim with nutrients and humectants (algae extract and hyaluronic acid) to help combat dehydration. A perfect choice for long-haul flights!

24k Gold Mask – If you were to buy the full-sized version of this mask, it would set you back a whopping (and eye-watering) $80! With the addition of caffeine and olivine extract to re-energize and plump the skin, the formula, which is infused with real 24 karat gold, works to lift and firm the skin.

Rose Stem Cell Bio-Repair Gel Mask – For sensitive skin types or inflamed, angry skin, this mask is a godsend. Infused with rose stem cells, rose water, rose hip seed and extract, this is an intensely soothing and redness-reducing mask that works best when applied as an overnight sleeping mask.

Cucumber Gel Mask – This mask couldn’t be better suited for summertime; its intensely hydrating and soothing formula makes it perfect for after a long day in the sun to rehydrate and cool the skin.

Irish Moor Mud Purifying Black Mask – For those with congested skin but who want something a little less drying than a typical mud/clay-based mask, this one is perfect as the addition of Irish Moor mud is packed with moisture and vitamins to nourish the skin. It helps to decongest the skin, draw out any impurities and rid the skin of excess sebum.

Which masks speak to you the most? Will you be picking this set up? You really should! 



Jess Hall

Jess Hall

Jess Hall is a British beauty lover, who can often be found perusing makeup aisles in the search for the perfect peachy pink hues, or perfecting her latest makeup flat lay. When she’s not trialling the latest skincare releases, she enjoys sharing her latest findings, the newest beauty trends and knowledge with you!

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  • This is a great kit for anyone getting to know masks or interested in the range of masks PTR has to offer. I managed to find this mask set on the ULTA BEAUTY website and also saw they have another set with a great value fo $75 ($228 ARV) for 4 full sized masks and mask tool to apply the masks.

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