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When To Apply Makeup Setting Spray for a Flawless Finish

Posted by Preeti Sareen on Dec 18, 2016

When To Apply Makeup Setting Spray for a Flawless Finish

If you’re a true makeup lover, you probably have a few bottles of makeup setting spray in your beauty bag. It’s a truly amazing product – just one quick spray and you’ve got long lasting, perfectly set makeup. We love using this product every day to set our makeup. So, we thought we’d take the time to share a few of our favorite makeup hacks on when to apply makeup setting spray for some truly gorgeous makeup.



1. Erase Mistakes

You probably know that Vaseline can help you fix a few of your eyeliner smudges, but did you know that makeup setting spray can do the same thing? This is one of the best makeup tips ever, because it is so easy and so awesome. Simply spritz a little bit of the setting spray over the makeup you want to correct, and wipe away with a cotton ball, clean makeup brush, or soft tissue paper.



2. Get Rid Of The Ghostly Powder

If you love setting your makeup with translucent powder, you might have ended up with a little more than you bargained more times than not. Unfortunately, powder can leave you with this weird, whitish film that is totally not attractive. But, this is one of those when to apply makeup setting spray moments! Spritz a little onto a beauty blender or face sponge, and dab away lightly at your face. The spray will help get rid of the excessive white, and even out the powder on your face!



3. Give Your Body Some Love

You probably use makeup setting spray on your face, but did you know you can use it on you body, too? We are major fans of MAC’s Fix+ setting spray, and are total fans of the fact that they now have a few different scents! If you’re in a jam and need a totally awesome makeup hack, spritz a little setting spray onto your pulse points to create an instant fragrance!



4. Turn The Lights Up

Highlighter is a girl’s best friend, and makeup setting spray is the wing-man to this awesome makeup product. This is when to apply makeup setting spray to step your game up a notch! One of our favorite makeup tips is using setting spray to amplify your already luminescent highlighter. Just spray a little bit of product on before your highlighter (and avoid other areas of your face). The little bit of extra attention will catch in the light and give your highlighter an even brighter, bolder look.



So How and When to Apply Makeup Setting Spray?

Do you have any unique uses for makeup setting spray, beauty lovers? We love finding out what sorts of things you love and learning the interesting techniques you use to apply your gorgeous makeup. Share your own makeup hacks and tips in the comments down below, or show off your setting spray skills on Instagram by using our hashtag, #LiveGlam!

We hope you picked up some ideas of when to apply makeup setting spray! For more ways to use your favorite sprays, check out our 4 unique ways to use setting sprays here!

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