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What Color Eyeshadow Goes With a Red Dress?


What Color Eyeshadow Goes With a Red Dress?

Posted by LiveGlam on Nov 12, 2021

With a cute outfit, your eyeshadow has to be on point too. Choosing the wrong eyeshadow color could look downright distracting, especially when you’re wearing a red dress. That said, coming up with the right eyeshadow look for a red dress can be a total toughie. To make things easier for you, here are our top picks!


We love love love doing a neutral eye makeup look – especially when we’re wearing a red dress. For mesmerizing eyes, keep it simple with a luxe but sultry look by layering light-medium neutral shades over a lighter base color. Start off with a cream color as a base and blend a light-medium shade of taupe over your lids, extending it slightly beyond the crease. Add some depth to your eyes by accentuating your crease with a deep shade of brown. 

Matte brown shades are deep, exotic, and romantic… and they work great for creating the most alluring smokey eye looks. Instead of using an eyeshadow with a matte finish, you can add some glamour to a brown smokey eye with a frosted eyeshadow.

Peach tones 

The general rule of thumb is to avoid getting too matchy-matchy by wearing the same exact color on your lids as your outfit. However, sticking to the same color family but in a different shade will take your entire look to the next level. 

Few things go together better than a red dress and peachy tones. For lighter skin tones, stay away from anything that’s overly warm with an orange hue. With fair skin, opt for peachy eyeshadows that err on the pinker side of the spectrum. For deeper complexions, most peach colors are flattering on your skin tone… so the sky is the limit. Our top pick for darker complexions is a bronze-toned peach with tons of shimmer!  

Champagne or warm metallics

Red is already a pretty bold color, so it’s a given that all eyes will be on you even without getting super dramatic with your eye makeup. With a red dress, anything with a gold undertone like a warm metallic would look particularly striking. You can even keep it fresh and dreamy with a glistening champagne color that makes your eyes sparkle!

What’s your fav eyeshadow color to pair with a red dress? Let us know in the comments down below if there’s anything else we should add to our list!




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