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Vintage Makeup Vs Modern


Vintage Makeup Products vs. Now  

Posted by Lanie Edwards on May 14, 2018

Makeup has come a long, long way since its introduction dating as far back as 4000 BC. To show you just how far we’ve come, we thought it’d be fun to do a comparison of vintage makeup products vs. what we use now. See how products and formulas have evolved, and who you can thank for that beat face!  


Going all the way back to 4000 BC, it’s said that kohl and ointments were used by Ancient Egyptians to darken their lashes and brows to protect their eyes from harmful rays. The first  non-toxic mascara wasn’t introduced until 1913 by French chemist Eugéne Rimmel (ring a bell?). It was made of coal dust and petroleum jelly for Queen Victoria. Since then, it has become a huge staple in every makeup lover’s routine!


The mascara “wand” started out as a brush that you would dig into the mixture with and apply to your lashes. Over time, the brushes evolved into different shapes and styles. Now we have wands and formulas that can be used specifically for volume, length, lower lashes, and more! 

If you want to experience mascara like in the 1920’s, there’s actually one on the market by Bésame Cosmetics called Cake Mascara. You can purchase it at Sephora or online for $25! 


Lipstick has been worn for more than 5,000 years now, and the formula has come a long way from crushed bugs and gemstones. The first modern lipstick was released to the public in 1884 in Paris. It was made of beeswax, castor oil, and deer tallow, and came in the form of liquid to be applied with a brush.  

The first tube lipsticks weren’t released until the 1930s in the U.S., which were made extremely popular by actresses in silent films. Today, we now have tube lipstick, liquid lipstick, lip gloss and lip liner! 

For the best liquid lippies, check out our LiveGlam Lippie Club, KissMe! We’re actually the world’s first monthly liquid lippie club where you get 3 new gorgeous shades delivered straight to your door for just $19.99. No, our formula isn’t made of castor oil and deer tallow. Instead, it’s cruelty-free, super flexible, long-lasting and smells delicious! Learn more here about how to join our #LiveGlamFam. 🎉


Foundation was first invented in 1914 by Max Factor. He introduced “Pan-Cake makeup” which was the first makeup created for film. Instead of having to put an oil-based product that was then set with powder, Pan-Cake could be directly applied to the skin with a wet sponge. It was a more lightweight formula that was more natural-looking, leading everyday women to want to wear it in public. The original formula he developed is actually still sold today!  

Today, foundation comes in many different forms. You can choose from liquid, powder, stick, tinted moisturizer, or BB and CC creams depending on the coverage and finish you prefer. Thankfully, shade ranges have also greatly evolved to make for a more inclusive beauty industry!

So, that’s where some of your favorite, everyday products came from. Where would we be without them?! Let us know what vintage makeup product you find to be most interesting. We hope this post was more exciting than a history class! 

Stay glam! 



Lanie Edwards

Lanie Edwards

Lanie Edwards is a content creator, makeup fanatic, and food lover. She lives in Adobe Photoshop and Final Cut Pro, constantly editing or coming up with fresh ideas for LiveGlam content. During her free time, you can catch her being a freelance MUA, vlogging on YouTube, or eating anything that smells good.

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