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    Product Reviews

    Ultra Shine Lip Gel Sephora Collection Product Review

    Posted by LiveGlam on Feb 13, 2017

    ultra shine lip gel LiveGlam

    There’s nothing better than being nude. Don’t get it twisted, we’re talking about lipgloss and Sephora’s Ultra Shine Lip Gel in “Perfect Nude” is a “must-try.” The lipgloss is a lightweight formula, but extremely hydrating and provides a lot of shine!



    Packaging: 5

    Sleek, chic and lovely. The Ultra Shine Lip Gel comes in a tall and slender tube, which is awesome, because that means more product. It’s not bulky, you can slip this right in your purse incase you need to touch-up. The best thing about the lip gel is the sponge applicator. It has a unique shape that is curved, so it caters to the shape of your lip and gives full coverage without looking streaky.



    Performance: 4.5

    So, is it a good lippie? Hands down! There are so many nude lipsticks and glosses these days it’s kinda tricky to choose that right one. This lip gel has just enough color, so it won’t make you look washed out or look muddy, which is very common with nude lip colors. The gloss looks even better when it’s paired with a lip liner or lipstick, especially if you want it to “mute” a loud color.



    Price: 5

    Totally affordable! It’s only $12.00, which is pretty low for a great quality lip gloss.



    Ultra Shine Lip Gel- Total: 4.8

    We love the Ultra Shine Lip Gel, but we just wish it stayed on a little bit longer. Because it’s so creamy and light weight, it tends to slip-off easier. With that said, we recommend you wear something underneath it such as a lipliner, lipstick or even a lip primer. We would totally buy this again! The line also offers a lot more colors and they even have ones that are made with shimmer, which is next on our “to-try” list. LiveGlam is all about the shimmer!



    What is your favorite lip gloss and why? Tell us below and we will try it out ourselves!

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