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    Beauty Hacks,    Makeup

    Travel Beauty Survival Guide

    Posted by LiveGlam on Dec 10, 2017

    Travel Beauty Survival Guide

    Spend time with the fam and turn up your glam this Holiday season!

    If you’re going home for the holidays, you gotta make sure you’re traveling with the essentials. We’ve all made those last minute drugstore trips, and there’s no need to add any expense to your Holidays when you pack up the perfect beauty survival kit. Our tips will have you traveling like a beauty pro and staying glam!

    Beauty Samples

    When I pack for the Holidays- I like to take advantage of my online shopping addiction (thank you Sephora) that keeps me stocked with tons of great beauty samples! If you ever hit any beauty conventions or buy from brands online, these guys can add up quickly. Makeup samples are perfect for traveling! You can bring just enough product and they don’t take up lots of space in your bag. Mini eyeliners, creams, lotion, mascaras, perfumes, shampoos & conditioners are perfect little stuffers for your beauty bag!

    Good Skin for the Win

    DO NOT forget skincare when you travel! Airports, car rides, and sleep disruption can take its toll on your precious face- but not when you have your arsenal! Make sure you pack your eye cream and a good nourishing moisturizer for your face. Something like Origin’s Night-A-Mins or Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Moisturizer will help restore tired or stressed skin. Pack a clarifying sheet mask, too, for a little extra TLC. These are great for space saving and skin saving. Grab a moisturizing lip balm to keep your pucker mistletoe-ready, too!

    Brushway to Heaven

    Packing the right brushes when you travel is essential! If you choose the right set, you could get away with 4-5 brushes which is an awesome space saver. December LiveGlam MorpheMe brush set is a great travel kit- and they’re so cute for the Holidays! You need a good foundation brush which you can use to buff in your foundation, blend your concealer or do a cream contour if that’s your jam. A powder brush is another necessity! A medium, rounded powder brush can be used to set your face, contour, and blush- all your powdery needs. Grab an eyeshadow brush or 2- depending on how HAM you go! I like to keep one for light shadows and dark shadows so my blend doesn’t get muddy. And lastly- don’t forget ya liner brush! I like an angled brush, I can use it to line my eyes and shape my brows.

    Forget Me Not

    Travel packing is all about saving space and staying stocked with all your glam essentials. Pack a good, versatile eyeshadow palette that includes neutral browns, shimmer, and a pop of color! Be sure to pack your palettes in a way they won’t be banging around too much. Grab a few lippies, cause lipstick is life! LiveGlam KissMe are mistletoe approved, so don’t forget to pack your faves. I think a red is essential, a nude, and then something a little bit fun! Pop a gloss in your bag, too, for a fresh look when you’re in a rush. Pack some makeup wipes, too! You can use these to clean off brushes between products. Q-tips and cotton pads can be lifesavers, too, be sure to toss a few of those in your bag. You can use a cleaned out Altoid container as a handy travel storage.

    When you pack your beauty bag, be sure to secure all your liquids and creams! A few baggies can be the difference between a small mess and a ruined kit. I also like to pack my makeup bag in the middle of all my clothes as a soft buffer to keep things from jostling- nobody wants a cracked palette!

    You can keep your Holidays glam with our beauty survival guide! Brush your way into to a glamazing time with friends and family. Tell us your Holiday essentials! ⬇︎


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    Jessica Seifert is a makeup enthusiast with winged liner sharp enough to slay her enemies. She spends her free time turning people into beautiful monsters & zombies. Learning about new makeup techniques and skincare is her passion!

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