Tousled Wavy Hair – Best Tips and Tricks to Get it Every Time

Posted by LiveGlam on Jan 31, 2017

tousled wavy hair LiveGlam

Every girl wants to achieve effortless, beachy waves. Whether it’s a Victoria’s Secret Angel or your favorite celeb, wavy hair is trending more than ever. Wanna know how to get this hairstyle? If so, then let’s go! We’re gonna tell you the best tips and tricks to get tousled wavy hair.



Splish, Splash

Wash your hair and be sure not to use a lot of conditioner. Try reversing the order of your routine—Condition your hair first, then wash it. This will prevent weighing your hair down.


via Beauty Blitz

Get Your Salt Bae

Once you dry your hair, take some sea salt spray and generously spray the ends and avoid your roots. If you have straight hair, use a styling mousse while your hair is wet to give it some volume.


 via Photoduet / Freepik
via Photoduet / Freepik

Loosen Up

If you want your waves to look natural and loose, you can just let your hair air dry. If  you would like more volume, roughly blow dry your hair and use your finger tips to create some va-va-voom. Just make sure you move your fingers in the direction of the air. A diffuser is also a great option.



The Magic Wand

For tousled wavy hair, section your locks and use a curling wand to achieve the desired look. Don’t hold it in place for more than 5 seconds. Remember, we don’t want them to be “tight.” Also, keep in mind: The size of the wands depends on your hair length; The shorter your hair is, the slimmer you’ll want the wand.



Run and Done

When you’re finished curling your hair, run your fingers through the waves to make sure they blend together.


via Javi_indy / Freepik
via Javi_indy / Freepik

Spritz it

Now that you’re done, spray your hair with with a flexible-hold hairspray. You don’t want your hair to look “forced.” You want it to look effortless and natural.




Tousled Wavy Hair

Sexy, simple and super easy, right? And that’s how we like our tousled wavy hair (among other things)! Who do you think wears the best tousled hair? Tell us below or link up with us on Instagram! For more of our hairstyling tips, read our blog and get inspired.

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