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Top Reasons To Use a Lip Crayon

Posted by Ana Delgadillo
on Aug 27, 2019

reasons to use a lip crayon

Top Reasons To Use a Lip Crayon   

Clearly we love a good lipstick, but sometimes we want something a little fuss-free, quick, and effortless. That’s where lip crayons come in! Lucky for you, we’re spilling all the tea on some of the top reasons to use a lip crayon. Keep reading to see why you should have one of these cuties in your makeup bag for glam on-the-go!

Why You Should Use a Lip Crayon

You may be wondering what a lip crayon is for, or better yet, what is a lip crayon? Consider these utterly adorable lip crayons the BB cream for lips– they’re lip liners, lip balms, and (sometimes) glosses all in one. These babies are game-changers in the beauty world and have made a special lil’ spot in our makeup bags for those days we’re not really feeling like meticulously applying lipstick!

lip crayon benefits

They’re goof-proof

The major benefit of lip crayons is how goof-proof they are! Can you swipe on chapstick/lip balm? Congrats, you can use a lip crayon (it really is that easy). You can apply it while in the backseat of an Uber without a mirror! Need we say more? 

No sharpeners…ever!

Sharpener? We don’t know her! With lip crayons you’ll never have to worry about having to keep a sharpener on you all day for precise application, just twist and you’re good to go! If that’s not a compelling case, we don’t know what is!

They can multi-task

Lip crayons come in many different formulas, even lip and cheek duos! You can use the same lip crayon on that pretty pout as well as give a light wash of color to your cheeks. The best part? You just shortened your makeup routine and you created a super cute monochromatic moment!

why you should use a lip crayon

No more dryness

A lot of lip crayons are formulated with super moisturizing ingredients like vitamin E, shea butter, cocoa butter, and other deliciously rich emollients! Drench those lips with moisture while you perfect your pout and go about your day. 


One of the main reasons for lip crayon use is that they can be very long-lasting when you choose the right formulas! There are a ton of lip crayons that will stain your lips after the lip crayon has worn off, meaning you won’t have to worry about the color going anywhere. 

They’re time-savers

With a lip crayon, you can swipe on some color and make your morning coffee in the same amount of time it usually takes you to sharpen your lip liner,  carefully apply it, and layer your lipstick over top 😉. Less fuss, more glam! 

top reasons to use a lip crayon

What else should we add to our list of top reasons to use a lip crayon? Let us know in the comments! We obviously love to stay in the know and we know you do, too! So, sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date with our latest product launches, because who knows? We might release your next must-have beauty product 😉.

Stay Glam!


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