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    Makeup Industry Jobs Top Tips and Where to Find Them Online

    Posted by LiveGlam on Nov 22, 2016

    The beauty industry is booming more than ever and there is no better time to get your foot in the door than right now! For all you beauty queens that are looking to get into the makeup industry, then listen up! We’ve got the scoop on the top makeup industry jobs and we will even tell you where to find them online, so take notes!


    Designed by Pressfoto / Freepik


    Just like you go visit your hairstylist to keep you hair on point, your skin also needs to be maintained. Estheticians have very successful careers, especially if they build a strong clientele or work at a high-end salon. The opportunities are also endless–Estheticians can expand their business by doing more than giving facials. As an Esthetician, you can also perform other services such as waxing or laser hair removal. Lash extensions are huge right now, this is a great service you can provide to your clients as well. Typically this makeup industry jobs pays over 50k, but the more certifications you have, the more dough you can make. You can also bring in some commission off the salon products you sell, so get it girl!


    Designed by Prostooleh / Freepik
    Designed by Prostooleh / Freepik

    Professional Makeup Artist

    We’re just going to get right to it, makeup artists can make bank. The more experience you have, the better! And with a solid portfolio, you’ll be ballin! Getting started in the beauty industry isn’t hard at all. You already know how to do makeup on yourself everyday, so you gotta get the hang of doing it on others. Start practicing on your friends and family. When you become more comfortable and confident, then start looking for makeup artistry jobs. A lot of department stores are always seeking professional makeup artists. Most of them require you to “audition” by applying a day and night look on a model. Sephora and Ulta are also great options to explore. You will actually get to work with over 10 makeup brands, which is always great to have on resume.

    Once you’ve become seasoned you can start your own side business by becoming a freelance makeup artist, which opens lots of doors! Lots of beauty-full doors! You can start doing bridal makeup, editorial shoots and then you can even move on to a celebrity clientele. Some celebrity makeup artists charge $150 an hour! Crazy, huh? You never know, you can be doing Kylie Jenner’s makeup one day.


    Designed by Kaboompics / Freepik
    Designed by Kaboompics / Freepik

    Beauty Editor

    Talking about a dream job, Beauty Editors can testify that they have it pretty good! What’s a Beauty Editor? Well they are the beautiful geniuses that write all the copy for a brand and products. They are also responsible for writing articles. Beauty Editors usually work for a print or online publication, like Cosmopolitan magazine, Allure, Marie Claire…you get it. If you love to write and you’re beauty expert, this could be the gig for you! Education is crucial. A degree in Journalism, English, PR or Mass Communications, are good programs to look into, so be sure to get your schooling on and you’re on the way to become the next Joanna Coles, yasss hunny!


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    PR Agent

    The PR world is highly competitive and we are not about to sugar coat anything about it. This is an industry that is kinda tough to get into, but with experience it can lead to a fairly rewarding career. If you love writing and beauty, then what are you waiting for? In PR you will pitch out to Journalists and write Press Releases on new product launches and events. You will also be the voice of the brand. As a PR Professional, the sky’s the limit! You’ll work with the best and you will get tons of exposure. PR Agents start making around 50k, but the more you work your way up, PR can actually pay over 80k! Holler!


    makeup industry jobs

    Makeup Industry Jobs – Where to Find

    This is a just a taste of what your future can look like. If you’re really interested in breaking into the industry, there are a lot of sites online that can help you find makeup industry jobs. Here are the best sites to look into: is a pretty dope site. All you need to do is upload your resume online and start shooting out your resume. Indeed also tells you the salary range the job could offer.

    Simply Hired has tons of jobs daily. You can get as detailed as you want to really find what you’re looking for. It’s kinda like for your career. Hubba, Hubba!

    LinkedIn is becoming the new trend when it comes to job seeking and they make it really easy! Search for the company you’re dying to work for and see what they have open, or search by the job title. It’s like the “Facebook of Businesses.

    Well, we think we’ve filled your beautiful brains with a lot of information today and we hope you enjoyed every bit, but enough about what we think! What is your dream beauty job? We wanna know! Tell us below, or hit us up on Twitter! @LiveGlamCo

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