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Tips For Wearing Dark Lipstick Shades


Tips For Wearing Dark Lipstick Shades

Posted by LiveGlam on Oct 25, 2021

Wearing dark lipstick is an entirely different undertaking than simply swiping on a nude bullet. With the depth of color, there’s more room for error, that’s for sure. However, with great risk comes great payoff, and a deep, dramatic lip color can be a showstopper. 

Here are some practical tips for wearing dark lipstick shades. 

Dark lippie ideas: Ladies Night (deep wine), Furrari (almost-black brown!), Tacos 4 Life (deep brick-red), and Pumpkin Pie (deep orange, perfect for Fall). 

Pick your outline 

tip for wearing dark lipstick

Dark colors create very definite lines and shapes, so it’s important to be precise. However, this doesn’t mean your liner needs to be sharp. Some dark lipsticks look amazing when applied with a more blended, softer line, especially with bullet lipsticks. 

If you’re going for sharp – do it right, with a liner, brush, and Q-tip to tidy any rough edges. For the blended look, use your finger and remember to blot thoroughly to create more of a stain than an opaque layer. 

Liner for longevity
tip for wearing a dark lipstick shade

If your dark lipstick is expected to stay on all day and look fabulous while doing so, give yourself some insurance with a longwear liner. Use the liner to create the shape and define the edge of the lip, then add your layer of dark lippie with a brush. 

Tip: apply the color in the center of the lips first, then use your finger or a brush to eke the color out toward the edge of the lips. 

Tidy the edges with concealer 

tip for wearing dark lipstick tidy up the edges

If your lip line is a little wonky, smudged, or uneven, use your concealer and a tiny brush to correct it. A little bit of full coverage concealer on a flat brush will help to define the shape and cover any mishaps! This is a great way to tidy your lip line without removing your base makeup as a q-tip soaked in makeup remover tends to do. 

Blot and apply another layer

blot face when wearing dark lipstick shades

To get the best of your bullet lipsticks, apply it in layers. Apply a thin layer, blot with a tissue, then apply another thin layer. This will ensure a longer wear and ensure a bolder color saturation without any streaks or “bunching” of excess product. 

Pinpoint conceal for a flawless base 

best tip for wearing dark lipstick

To achieve a fresh, clean, and polished look with a dark statement lip, use a full-coverage concealer and tiny brush to erase any redness or discoloration from the face. This will help to draw the eye where you want it, to the lips! 




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