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Tarte Tarteist Lash Paint Product Review

Posted by LiveGlam on Dec 13, 2016

tarteist lash paint review LiveGlam

The eyes are the windows to the soul, they say. Then I want my soul to black, fluffy, and long! A good mascara is really the icing on the cake–which is sometimes the best part. To help you find the best icing for your own black soul, let’s checkout this Tarte Tarteist Lash Paint mascara, you can find the product hereSo let’s break down the packaging, performance, and price to see if this baby is worth the buck!


Tarte is da king supreme of packaging, seriously. This mascara does not disappoint. It comes in a black tube with some graffiti-style spray paint resembling gold splatter. If you like a little edgy, funky, cute style packaging, then you’re gonna love the look of this (and all!) Tarte product!

The mascara wand is one of the plastic-type wands. These kinda wands are great for the lift & separate lovers! I typically prefer the more natural-type bristle, which can lend towards fuller lashes. Totalllly a personal preference, but I’m gonna have to knock off a half point for that. Sorry not sorry- 4.5 (out of 5).



This is what takes the cake, for us. You can look pretty all day, but if you can’t perform then I can’t mess with ya. So how does this mascara work for us? Well, we love the effect! The proof is in the puddin’, just look at those lashes!? The formula is great for adding length, giving you the classic “lift and separate” that we love (not just for lingerie, ladies). Unfortunately, tho, it ended up pretty smudgy by the end of the day. Not good! While I definitely love animals, I don’t wanna look like a raccoon by the end of the day. So we’ve gotta go with a 3 on performance.



At $23-24, this mascara is definitely not drugstore priced, but not the top of food chain either. I’d say it’s about average, to a bit high, as far as mascara prices run. So is the juice worth the squeeze, in this case? You’ll definitely get pretty, long lashes with this Tarteist Lash Paint, but we want them to stay all day and never smudge! I want a mascara I can get to business in. So for price, I’m going with a 3.5.

tarteist lash paint review LiveGlamTarteist Lash Paint Review – Overall- 3.7

Pretty lashes and dope packaging are definitely things we love! But smudgy mascara has got to go. Not a mascara to write off completely, but we would kill for this formula with a bit better lasting power. What do you guys think about it? What’s your favorite withstand-nuclear-fallout mascara?

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