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    Strip Lashes vs Lash Extensions- the best lashes for your lifestyle!

    Posted by LiveGlam on Feb 03, 2018

    Strip Lashes vs Lash Extensions- the best lashes for your lifestyle!

    If eyes are the windows to the soul, then I guess you could say lashes are the shutters!

    Lashes are definitely in my top 3 favorite makeup components. If you wanna look more awake, lashes. You want bigger eyes? Lashes. You wanna add some serious drama to your look…you guessed it! Lashes can really change up your look and make your eyes look SO pretty. They’re definitely a way to get some eye contact going! When mascara just isn’t doing the job, sometimes you gotta go the extra mile to get the lash you’re looking for. Nowadays, we have options! So I’ve got a breakdown here to figure out which lashes match your life- classic strip lashes vs lash extensions, or even the new magnetic lash phase!

    Strip Lashes

    Strip lashes have been around for a solid century now! During the 1920s strip lashes became a popular fashion trend, and they have not slowed down a bit! With strip lashes you can add a small amount of volume, or going crazy with a dramatic style. The great thing about strip lashes vs lash extensions is that you can change your look up every day and match your lash to your eye makeup or mood! My favorite thing is all the variety of shapes and styles you can choose from, ranging anywhere from $1 to $40 a pair.

    You can typically re-wear the same pair about 10-30 times depending on the quality and how you care for them. Make sure to wash your lashes regularly and remove extra glue. You can do this by soaking them in water mixed with a gentle makeup cleanser, or brushing through the lash with a spoolie dipped in alcohol. Be very careful when removing strip lashes from your eyes, however, because you can damage your natural lash easily! Opt for strip lashes if you like to change up your look and don’t mind spending a bit of extra time getting ready!

    Eyelash Extensions

    The eyelash extension trend took off in the early 2000’s developed in Korea from older lash techniques. Like so many great Korean beauty trends, eyelash extensions have become super popular- and for good reason! How would you like to wake up every day with a gorgeous set of feathery lashes fanning the sky? My favorite thing about lash extensions is the low-effort fab I feel wearing them. While taking care of your lash extensions is a small daily chore, you wake up looking glammed out and I love that!

    Lash extensions are also super natural looking, since you don’t have the lash band or any glue-ing situations going on. If you like skipping liner, these lashes will give you that extra dressy look, at a price! They can be anywhere from $80-250 for a fullset and require monthly or bi-monthly fills (ranging from $40-150)! When you’re wearing lash extensions, you have to avoid using oil products on your eye and you definitely can’t rub them. You should take the time to clean your lash every-other day or to remove buildup and keep them looking fresh! If you like to look great with minimal effort (I know- you’re already fabbb!) then eyelash extensions are perfect for you!

    Magnetic Lashes

    Now welcome to 2018, ladies and gentleman, where anything and everything is possible- even lashes on magnets! The crazy thing is, they actually look really good anytime I’ve seen them! In our review of magnetic lashes here you can see more details about application and wear. These lashes are much quicker to apply than your classic strip lashes, and you don’t risk pulling out your natural eyelash with these.

    They originally came in half-lash strips which would add just a bit of extra volume and length to your corners, but now you can actually get full lashes with these! I haven’t seen any that were super dramatic, but they definitely make a difference for $10-100 a set. The downfall being that they may not survive the day! If you’ve ever had your lashes popping up at the corner with no glue on hand, imagine if one just completely fell off! This style of lash might be more ideal for someone that’s not doing too much hustle and bustle in their day.


    If you’re looking to get lashed, then I hope this helps! Turn up the volume and make a statement with any of these eyelash enhancements. Tell me what your favorite is in the comments!

    Stay Glam!

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    Jessica Seifert is a makeup enthusiast with winged liner sharp enough to slay her enemies. She spends her free time turning people into beautiful monsters & zombies. Learning about new makeup techniques and skincare is her passion!

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    • Hi I would like to know if you travel and do makeup for wedding and engagement photos in Illinois. Did you use eyelash extension or strip lash? Which method is safer when I have black/thick lashes compared to other people. You can email me and let me know.

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