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    September LiveGlam MorpheMe Brush Breakdown

    Posted by LiveGlam on Aug 23, 2017

    September LiveGlam MorpheMe Brush Breakdown

    Hey Sea Glammers! Summer is coming to an end, but the glam doesn’t have to! We’ve got your batch of September MorpheMe brushes here to close the summer with a splash! Grab Flounder and Sebastion and channel your inner Ariel with the E6 Flat buffer, the M576 Pointed Blender, M577 Jumbo Crease, and the M578 Pencil Crease.

    If you want to glow like the sea god(dess) you are, then check out this gorgeous, glittery mermaid look on our September How To!


    We’re gonna break it down for you here, too! Keep reading to learn more about September MorpheMe!

    E6 – Flat Buffer

    The E6 is a flat-topped foundation brush made with synthetic bristles to make it friendlier to your creamy face products. The flat top is good for packing and buffing product into the skin to create a flawless look. This brush is of medium density which works to create a medium-coverage finish. The bristles are super soft, too! Definitely a plus when you’re smearing product on your face! You can also use this brush with your powder foundations or to diffuse your contour for really soft, natural definition.

    M576 – Pointed Blender

    Your M576 brush is a soft, natural bristle brush for defining your eyes. The pointed tip of this tapered blending brush is good for getting really precise placement with your shadows. The lack of density allows you to diffuse your eyeshadow while you apply it by using a light touch. This brush is perfect for defining a sharp crease or adding some depth to the outer corners! The softness and precision tip make this brush good for contouring the eye. This is a practice of placing a color 3-4 shades darker than your skintone to define the crease and shape the eyelid. You can hide the appearance of hooded eyes, make the eyes larger, or even-out imperfections with this trick!

    M577 – Jumbo Crease

    Your M577 is round and dense crease brush with natural bristles. This crease brush is about the size of your pinky tip and fits perfectly into the crevices of your eye. The density of this brush gives you all the control as you apply color or blend. You can use this brush to pack color onto your lid, define your crease, blend transition colors together and diffuse the edge of your shadow. You can also use it when applying your eye primer, ot to add highlighter to your eyes, nose, and cheekbones! It’s a great multi-use brush to add to your kit.

    M578 – Pencil Crease

    The M578, similar to a mini M577, is a round and dense pencil brush with natural bristles. This brush is petite and soft, which is great for defining and blending your lower lashline. The brush is so soft, so you don’t have to worry about anything scratchy around your delicate eye. You can also use this to define your outer corner and to highlight the eye area. Because of it’s small size, you can get really precise placement with this brush!

    Let MorpheMe take you under the sea, with makeup that’s fleek! Be sure to check out our Rewards and Trade program!! You can swap out your monthly brushes for an awesome set your missed or other sweet stuff in our Rewards! Check it out on your Dashboard!

    If you’re just now tuning in and haven’t joined the MorpheMe brush club yet— you can check it out now! It’s the world’s first monthly makeup brush subscription, and you get $30+ of brushes every month for $19.99. Channel your inner sea vixen with this month’s brushes!

    Be sure to use MorpheMe on Instagram to show us your new looks and a chance to win! Check out our brush care basics post to keep your makeup brushes performing like new. <3


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    Jessica Seifert is a makeup enthusiast with winged liner sharp enough to slay her enemies. She spends her free time turning people into beautiful monsters & zombies. Learning about new makeup techniques and skincare is her passion!

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    • I find it funny that the boxes are advertised as being over $100 worth of brushes. But these brushes retail at $30.96.

      • Hi Nikki, We advertise as $30+ of Morphe Brushes for $19.99! I hope that clears up any confusion! Stay Glam xoxo

    • what is the instagram handle for the september morpheme girl gayana

    • On the paper I received with my subscription it said there's a replacement deal going on? Able to exchange single brushes. I haven't been able to find any information on it. Wondering if you can clear it up

      • Hi Samantha! This is a new feature we will be launching very soon! Keep your eyes peeled. You will see a notice in your announcements when it is available! Have a glamazing day! xoxo

      • Hey Samantha! Single brush trade options are now live! You can find more info on your Dashboard ( <3

    • I'm wondering if I can get the September brushes? I wasn't able to get the subscription last month due to money issues, but have 900 points saved up. I want October's, but I wanted to use my points to get these. Past months used to be available on there.

      • Hi Kathleen! We actually have a limited amount of September brushes in our TRADE program right now! I understand you'd like to keep October brushes, so one of our Customer Happiness members will be contacting you so you can use your Reward points and score September brushes! You are going to LOVE that E6 Foundation brush! It's my new obsession. Happy Glamming, xoxo

    • Loving this brushes

    • Is there a way for me to purchase this set now? I had too skip this month ?!

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