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    April 2018 Collection

    Social Butterfly

    Poppy - Soft Mist - Butterfly

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    April 2018 Collection

    Social Butterfly

    Poppy - Soft Mist - Butterfly

    Details -

    Weight: .9oz per lippie

    Color: Poppy (Pink-Coral), Soft Mist (Shimmering Nude), Butterfly (Fuchsia)

    Finish: Poppy (Matte), Soft Mist (Metallic), Butterfly (Satin)

    Social Butterfly

    Get chatty and find your soul-sista bestie bae with our social butterfly spring lippie set! These spring-inspired lippies will have you feeling as fresh as a daisy after a long winter! Live life in full glam with these fun shades that will last throughout those April showers.

    You can look prettier than any flower in the garden with “Poppy” pinky-coral lippie on! You can also channel your sweet, approachable vibe with “Soft Mist”. This nude-metallic will have you feelin’ flirty. Look as beautiful as a “Butterfly” rockin’ this fuchsia lippie color.

    Socialize with these shades!

    This collection will definitely have your heart fluttering!

    These lippies are also:

    Cruelty-Free Vegan Paraben-Free Gluten-Free Non Comedogenic Kiss Proof Made in USA

    Ratings & Reviews

    4.2 | 396 reviews

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