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    2 ‘Pretty in Pink’ Makeup Looks to Try!

    Posted by Joyce Lee on Oct 18, 2019

    How to wear pink makeup

    2 ‘Pretty in Pink’ Makeup Looks to Try!

    Forget about Wednesdays – we wear pink whenever we feel like it. If the world of high fashion is any indication of what’s currently trending, variations of the ‘pretty in pink’ motif are dominating the runway and we’re digging it!

    From a soft wash of pastel pink over the eyelids to more eccentric looks featuring more vibrant shades of blush brought up waaay beyond the cheekbones, there’s certainly no shortage of extraordinary runway makeup looks for us to draw inspiration from. 

    Here are 2 simple ‘pretty in pink’ makeup looks for you to try out! 

    1. Soft pink eyeshadow with a classic cat-eye

    If you’re all about keeping things simple, consider this your new go-to look! Sweep a single shade of a soft pink or lilac across the entire lid and add a sharp cat-eye to make a bold statement – but in a classic, polished way.

    Here’s what you need to do:

    Apply a small amount of eyeshadow primer onto your lids and use your finger to blend it out. Next, apply a soft wash of light pink or purple over the lid and bring it up slightly beyond the crease.

    Pink makeup tips

    To glam it up, use an eyeshadow brush to pat in a shimmery highlighter over your eyeshadow. Fill in your upper lash line with an eyeliner pencil – drawing short dashes in between the lashes. Go over it with a gel or liquid eyeliner and extend that line into a clean, sharp wing!

    2. Rosy glow

    A healthy, glowing complexion has become one of the most coveted looks on and off the runway. But to pull off this look, you MUST start showing your skin some love!

    Regular exfoliation, sheet masks, and keeping your skin hydrated (serums, lotions, and drinking tons of water) will go a long way in helping you achieve radiant skin that glows from within. 

    Here’s what you need to do:

    After cleansing your face, apply a moisturizing serum onto your palms and use your fingertips to massage it into your face with an upwards and outwards, circular motion. Let it sit for a couple of minutes to fully absorb into your skin. Opt for BB cream or tinted moisturizer instead of heavy liquid foundation!

    Contour your face with bronzer for a softer face sculpt. Apply blush to the apples of your cheek, alternating between an upwards and outwards circular motion, and a back and forth sweeping motion. From left to right, use that same brush to dust the remaining blush over the middle section of your face (horizontal) – it should also align with the highest point of your nose!

    pretty in pink makeup

    Do the same over the highest point of your forehead and chin (you might need to grab a little more blush). Then buff it out slightly with face powder or translucent setting powder.

    Finish off this beautiful rosy glow by using your finger to apply highlighter onto your nose bridge, the highest point of your nose, and your cupid’s bow!

    Which look are you trying out first? Let us know in the comments down below how you’re wearing pink this fall!

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    Joyce Lee

    Joyce Lee is a freelance writer and a winged eyeliner expert. She knows a little about a lot when it comes to beauty. When she’s not writing, you can catch her at a nearby coffee shop getting her caffeine fix.

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