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    Beauty Hacks

    Night Out Beauty Hacks

    Posted by Lanie Edwards on Oct 11, 2017

    Night Out Beauty Hacks

    Picture this: you’re sitting on the couch, stuffing your face with ice cream and watching your fav show on Netflix. Then, you get a text from a friend basically forcing you to move after you were perfectly content with not leaving the house for the night.

    After being convinced to hit the town, you realize you don’t have much time to get ready and slightly start to panic. Since we’ve all had those nights, we decided to give you 5 quick beauty hacks for a successful night out!

    1. Nails 

    If your nails aren’t done and you think they won’t dry in time – think again! We’ve got the perfect hack to quickly fix up those nails before heading out the door.

    After painting your nails, grab a bowl and fill it with ice water. Dip your wet nails in the water for 2 minutes, and they’ll be completely dry after! It basically freezes the polish. No more having to wait for your nails to dry or smudging them while putting on your fly outfit.

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    2. Portable Razor

    If you don’t have time to shower and haven’t shaved in a minute, have no fear! A portable razor actually exists, and they sell it at Urban Outfitters for only $15. Keep this handy for last minute nights like these!

    The Sphynx Portable Razor is a 3 in 1 travel razor (that is also airplane friendly). It includes 2 razor blades, a refillable water spray bottle and a moisturizing bar. All you do is spin the dial and each item pops up! It’s super easy, and a perfect solution for quickly shaving those armpits or a couple spots that you might’ve missed.

    3. Wrinkled Clothes

    If you do have time to shower, but the clothes you want to wear are wrinkled, knock out both of these issues by hanging your clothes in the bathroom while you shower. The steam from a hot shower will smooth out the wrinkles in your clothes, just like a steamer would!

    4. Perfume

    To make your favorite perfume last all night long, make sure to spray it on your “pulse points.” These are where the blood vessels are closest to your skin and where your heart rate can be felt. They radiate heat, which helps your fragrance emanate from your skin to the nose of that eye-candy you see on the dance floor.

    These areas include: your wrist, behind your ear, the base of your throat, inside your elbow, and even behind your knee. Another area you can spray perfume is in your hair! It’s a great way to leave a lingering scent that’ll last all night.

    Our last perfume hack is to apply Vaseline to your skin, then apply your scent on top of it. Since the perfume will stick to the petroleum jelly instead of sinking into your pores, it will help make it last even longer!

    5. Emergency Blotting Sheets

    Sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. If you’re out and about and realize you forgot some blotting sheets, there is a solution! Turns out, you can use those paper toilet seat covers in public restrooms to blot away oil from your face.

    Trust me, I know how gross this sounds, but it actually does work because they’re made out of the same rice paper as blotting sheets. If you’re concerned about germs, I personally would recommend using the 2nd or 3rd sheet behind the first one. However, they also are protected by the container. Use your best judgement, glammers!

    Unlike using coffee filters (which is another hack), the toilet seat cover will absorb oil from your face without messing up your makeup. Try it out for yourself and see!

    Now that you’ve got some solutions to many night out preparation issues, you no longer have an excuse not to go out and slay. Your friends will be impressed with how you were able to get it together in under an hour.

    Let us know some of your night out hacks in the comments below!

    Stay glam!


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    Lanie Edwards

    Lanie Edwards is a content creator, makeup fanatic, and food lover. She lives in Adobe Photoshop and Final Cut Pro, constantly editing or coming up with fresh ideas for LiveGlam content. During her free time, you can catch her being a freelance MUA, vlogging on YouTube, or eating anything that smells good.

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