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National Mean Girl's Day LiveGlam

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“It’s October Third”

Posted by LiveGlam on Oct 03, 2016

On October 3rd, he asked me what day it is. “It’s October 3rd.” AKA National Mean Girls Day!!

In honor of one the greatest movies OF ALL TIME we’re gonna treat you with some super Fetch makeup, and a little breakdown on how to become a Plastic yourself! (Halloween, anyone?)

national mean girl's day, mean girls, makeup, burn book,

We have this amazing “Burn Book” inspired lip by our gorgeous babe @AlanaDawn. Who else is rocking pink, today? (We know, it’s not Wednesday….but it is a Holiday.) Alana used Gerard Cosmetics Coachella matte lipstick with Kryolan water activated paints to add the details to this fun pouty look!

national mean girl's day, mean girls, makeup, burn book

And if your pretty pink pout isn’t enough to get you in the mood, we have the perfect matching mani from @PolishMeLiz! If you’re following us on snapchat (liveglamco) then you might have seen the tutorial for this look Friday! If you missed it, then a little tip– acrylic paint will help you wonders when doing fine details. We’ll go ahead and leave you with a little tutorial to get that fetch Burn Book nail!

Now if you’re trying to get your gang of Plastics together for some Halloween shenanigans this year (or just cuz, why not?) then the essentials you need to become a Mean Girl are blush, pink-y gloss, a smudgeable pencil liner, and an ample amount of attitude! Whether you’re going as Gretchen (with your big hair full of secrets), rockstar and bad B* Regina, Karen with her psychic boobs, or good-girl-gone-bad Cady, these tools can help you achieve the perfect look.

national mean girl's day, mean girls, makeup, burn book

These Plastics love their soft, smokey eyelids. Use your black or dark brown eyeliner pencil and a smudge brush to get the effect! You can further smoke it out with a neutral-toned eyeshadow. Pop a decent amount of pink blush to your cheeks and into the contour of your face to get the classic Plastic look. And a pink-to-peachy color glossy color is the perfect lip to go drink some awesome shooters, and listen to awesome music, and sit around and soak up each other’s awesomeness.

If you have any grool (I meant to say cool and then I started to say great…) plans for National Mean Girls’ Day today (maybe an all carb diet?) be sure to drop them in the comments! And you better be wearing pink if you wanna sit with us 😉 To get you in the spirit, here’s the 33 Best Mean Girls Quotes (via MTV)!

national mean girl's day, mean girls, makeup, burn book




Jessica Seifert is a makeup enthusiast with winged liner sharp enough to slay her enemies. She spends her free time turning people into beautiful monsters & zombies. Learning about new makeup techniques and skincare is her passion!

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