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    Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer vs. Tarte Shape Tape: Who wins? 

    Posted by Lanie Edwards on Feb 21, 2018

    Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer vs. Tarte Shape Tape: Who wins? 

    For me, a makeup look isn’t complete without concealer. Applying it is one of my favorite parts of my makeup routine because it instantly brightens, sharpens, and ties a look all together. While there’s several amazing concealers out there, today we’re going to be comparing 2 of the most top-rated on the market. Should you be a Nars or Tarte kinda girl? Let’s find out!


    The Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer has been on the market for years and still gets a ton of buzz. This award-winning concealer has a “medium-to-full buildable coverage” that can be used for highlighting and correcting. It has a radiant finish that works for any skin type and comes in 22 shades, available at Sephora or online. For $30 you get 0.2 fl oz of product.

    Here’s some pros and cons!

    Personally, I love the lightweight and creamy formula this concealer has, but find that it doesn’t give as much coverage under my eyes compared to the Tarte Shape Tape (which we’ll get to in a minute). While it is buildable, it loses opacity quickly throughout the day and those dark circles start to peep through. The small applicator is convenient for covering blemishes, but not so much for the under-eye area. However, this concealer is still perfect for more natural looks and everyday makeup. It doesn’t crease on me and gives a nice finish!


    The Tarte Shape Tape concealer was released in 2016 and was instantly a hit. It’s referred to as the “Double Duty” concealer because it can be used for sculpting, highlighting and concealing. This is a full-coverage concealer that is still lightweight and blendable, and comes with a ton of product! For $27 you get 0.33 fl oz of product and a nice, large applicator. A little goes a long way with this concealer, and it still delivers a natural finish even though it is full coverage. This concealer is only available at Ulta or online.

    The big downside I find with the Shape Tape is the limited shade range. It only has 14 shades, and most are on the lighter side of the spectrum. It also takes more effort to blend out than the Nars Creamy Concealer due to the thicker formula, and it’s definitely easy to mistakingly apply too much because of the large applicator. But still… I love to use this concealer for more intense makeup looks, special occasions, and going out!

    So… which one should you choose?! 

    If you want lightweight, medium coverage, I would say Nars is the one for you! If you’re a full coverage kind of girl and also want more bang for your buck, Tarte is the way to go. While I used to be a dedicated Nars Creamy Concealer girl, Tarte Shape Tape has been taking the cake lately. I blend it out with a beauty blender and the coverage is perfect! Bye dark undereyes ✌

    Which of these top-rated concealers do you prefer? Let us know why in the comments below!

    Stay glam!


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    Lanie Edwards

    Lanie Edwards is a content creator, makeup fanatic, and food lover. She lives in Adobe Photoshop and Final Cut Pro, constantly editing or coming up with fresh ideas for LiveGlam content. During her free time, you can catch her being a freelance MUA, vlogging on YouTube, or eating anything that smells good.

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