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March 2017 MorpheMe

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March ’17 MorpheMe Brush Breakdown

Posted by LiveGlam on Feb 23, 2017

Hello Glam Fam! Are you ready to see what we have coming for ya? Spring is in the air, and a new March MorpheMe is on the horizon.

Get the sweetest style this month with this diverse full-face set of brushes! In this mixed bag of treats, you’ll get the M401 Large Pointed Powder, M436 Mini Duo Blender,  M412 Deluxe Pointed Blender from the Master Pro Collection, and M521 Chisel Oval Shadow (our fave!) from the Flawless Collection.

If you donut where to start, check out our How-To Video with Mynxii White! You’ll be looking cuter than a cupcake with this glittery eye tutorial.



We’re gonna break it down for you here, tho, if you wanna see more about March MorpheMe!

M436 Mini Duo Blender

This duo fiber brush is great for applying cream foundations and concealers! Because of it’s duo-fiber properties (synthetic & natural bristles), it’s a really versatile tool. You can use it to apply powder to set your under eye, or pop on a shimmery highlight with this brush, or blend out a cream or powder contour for an airbrush look. The brush is not very dense, which will give you a lighter coverage and very smooth finish! We prefer this brush for cream foundation and concealer that are on the thicker side.

M401 Large Pointed Powder

This full, natural bristle powder brush will change your baking game! Use this brush to cake setting powder under your eye with the dene side angle, or take the pointed tip and carve out a soft, defined contour. Large domed-shaped brushes like this one are amazing for creating natural and beautifully chiseled contour lines. You can use this brush for literally all of your face-powder needs! And be sure to check out how Mynxii used it for foundation in our How-To Video!

M521 Chisel Oval Shadow

This natural hair eyeshadow brush is so cool! It’s a really unique shape with its long bristles, and long slightly pinched ferrule which gives you a slightly dense but still fluffy flat brush. You can pack on shadow to your lid, carve out a defined crease, blend, highlight your whole face, or even contour your nose. No joke, this is a cool brush, you might even wanna use the Morphe Brushes discount code you receive with your brushes to grab a backup!

M412 Deluxe Pointed Blender

And because blending brushes are crucial to every look, and also go a long way for versatility, you’ll love how this natural hair brush works. I like to run my new brushes over my fingers with light, medium, and harder pressure to see how the bristles move and how they will blend. You can use this brush lightly to carve out a color, and blend out with slightly more pressure, or by using the angled side of the tip. This is a great eyeshadow brush, and our favorite style of brush for highlighting brow-bone, nose, and other precise areas.

These 4 brushes are a great little travel kit, or perfect if you’re running late and can’t deal with 500 brushes! You can achieve a variety of looks and get a full face done with them. In case you’re not loving this set, check out our new Trade feature! You can now swap them in for a different brush set or other sweet stuff! Check it out under Your Account page.


And if you’re just now tuning in and haven’t joined the #MorpheMe brush club yet— you are just in time! It’s the world’s first monthly makeup brush subscription, and you get $30+ of brushes every month for $19.99. If you wanna treat yo self with something sweet this spring, sign up today! 🙂

Be sure to use #MorpheMe on instagram to show us your new brushes and a chance to win! Check out our brush care basics post to keep your makeup brushes performing like new. <3





Jessica Seifert is a makeup enthusiast with winged liner sharp enough to slay her enemies. She spends her free time turning people into beautiful monsters & zombies. Learning about new makeup techniques and skincare is her passion!

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